atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4619: Don't bother calling if you can't leave a message.

That's the thing I really hate: when people call me and don't leave messages. There are plenty of circumstances where I can't answer the phone at the time someone calls me, like when I'm at work, or in the can, or otherwise indisposed. If your phone call is not important enough to you that you can't be fucked to leave a message why are you wasting everyone's time in the first place?

A fiver says they were both spam calls, more life insurance phone slave job "offers". Asshats.

* * *

Whoever did this, I hope he wiped his system afterwards. I cannot imagine what having so many toolbars installed at once did for the stability and performance of his computer but it cannot have been good.

Toolbar add-ons are f-ing useless crapware.

* * *

It's taken quite a few days of weather above freezing for the snow to melt off enough to expose the grass. Well, we had in the range of about twenty inches of snow on the ground, so it's not terribly surprising. It's nice and sunny out today, about as warm as yesterday, so hopefully that'll do for most of the remainder.

* * *

I figured out how to disassemble the malfunctioning air fitting. Turns out that one end simply unscrews, and then the whole thing comes apart. It was jamming open because of corrosion, of course, and these things are cheap enough that I can just buy a new one rather than try to repair it. Still, it's neat to be able to take something apart and then put it back together again.

* * *

Nothing else to report.

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