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#4628: Return of the rounding error

What we need to do is stop pretending that ten-year budgets mean anything. Because the Congress we have right now changes in January of 2017, and the Congress that we get in 2017 is not beholden to anything the present Congress decides.

So when you look at that budget, it's a lot more realistic to assume that the "savings" they are crowing about will not happen past FY 2017, and that means it's only $459 billion "savings" over two years, rather than $5,500 billion over ten.

And given the way that the GOP rolls over for Democrats in every last case I don't even believe that they'll cut that much. Besides--this is why I scare quoted the word "savings"--I'd bet money that these "cuts" are the typical reductions in the rate of growth, rather than actual for-real honest-to-God reductions in spending. "We're not going to increase spending on X by 10% next year. No, we're only going to increase it by 5%, which means we're cutting $XYZtheta billions in spending! We're awesome!"

The "cuts" get larger every year, of course, because the Congress of 2015 really has no say in what the Congress of 2025 is going to be doing.

Summary: this budget is 100% horseshit. They're not cutting anything, the government will spend more next year than it did this year, and all this bullshit is meant solely to keep the GOP base from voting all these shitheads out of office.

Bonus points: Social Security is on the first line of the chart, and it claims they'll save a billion dollars per year from 2020 through 2025. They then add up these six billion dollars and claim it represents a savings of four billion dollars. THESE MOTHERFUCKERS CAN'T EVEN ADD.


* * *

Shithead is unhappy that he got what he voted for, and he got it--borrowing a phrase from Karl Denninger--long and hard and dry, and now his man-vagina hurts a lot.

Well, dude, you helped to saddle the rest of us with the turd burglar in chief, so my suggestion to you is to stock up on Preparation H and get used to it, and learn how to stop voting with your feels! and start voting with your f-ing brain.

* * *

Heh. Vox Day talks about a Firefox plug-in which turns feminist extrusions into nazi extrusions, and I think that's pretty f-ing funny.

It looks like it takes the word "man" and replaces it with "Jew", and likewise swaps "aryan" for "woman"...and suddenly mainstream feminism is placed in stark relief: "To be Jew is to be deficient, emotionally limited; Jewness is a deficiency disease and Jews are emotional cripples."

And then commenter Porky adds a real feminazi quote:
"The most merciful thing that a Jewish family does to one of its infant members is to kill it."

Margaret Sanger
Sometimes you don't need to do anything but present the things they themselves say.

* * *

Continued working on the story last night, only I got stuck after adding about four pages and ended up surfing YouTube and looking at utterly useless dreck for two hours. On the plus side, over the past few days I've written perhaps 20-odd pages of this stuff. I still don't know whether it's worth anything, but it's writing and it's SF, rather than blog posts, so if it helps me get back into the swing of a proper writing schedule it's worthwhile. IMHO.

The writing part--the part where you actually put words down on paper (or into memory)--that's the easy part. The hard part is knowing what you're going to write, having the stuff in the output buffer ready to go onto the page.

The nascent ideas are percolating in the back of my head, and just now while I was thinking about it I realized there's a couple of ways I could take the story that would make it all make sense. Thanks, brain! Nice of you to share. *sigh*

But because I was up until 4 AM, and awoke again around 6-ish (and then was up until 9) I ended up sleeping until it was almost 3. My wife should be home in about an hour, after which I'll be paying attention to her rather than banging away at the keyboard...and I have to go to bed early tonight.

Well, it could be worse.

In any case, the PS/2-to-USB dongle is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I look forward to seeing if Floritica can use the IBM 1390, or what. I think that--regardless--that keyboard will go with El-Hazard into the Monk's Cell. But come to think of it I just so happen to have two 1390s, and as long as I kept at least one of the DIN-to-PS/2 convertors I had, I can then daisy-chain DIN-to-PS/2-to-USB and have 1390s on both computers. Whee!

Otherwise I'll have to find one, or maybe a PS/2 cable for the 1390. (Or maybe just get a PS/2 plug and put it on the existing cable.) WTF, I'll figure it out; I'm smart.

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