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#4629: For future reference

The Asus M51AC has a PS/2 keyboard connector. *whimper*

The PS/2 to USB adapter arrived today, so once I had assembled my lunch and got everything else out of the way I got the connector out, plugged the 1390 into it, and ducked under the desk to plug it in. The flashlight I keep on the side of the computer was not there, so I tried to plug in the USB dongle by feel, but couldn't; finally I went and got the flashlight (which I'd left in the kitchen during my stove diagnostics) and had a gander at the back of the machine to see where I could plug in the dongle. And what did my inspection reveal?

Right above where the keyboard had been plugged in, a PS/2 connector. I said some bad words.

So here I sit in solemn joy! The IBM 1390 is connected through the system's keyboard port and working splendidly.

In my defense, though, is the fact that I handle brand-new computers all the time, and none of them have any PS/2 connectors on them.

The worst part is, it's not even worth sending back the convertor. It'd cost me more to ship it back than I'd get for returning the f-ing thing.

Still: IBM 1390 connected to Floristica! WIN.

* * *

I love this headline: "Harry Reid Filibusters on Behalf of Slaveholders".

See, sometimes people come to the US thinking they're going to get a job as a domestic servant or something, only when they get here, their "employers" take their passport and other papers, make them work for free, and then tell them that if they try to get help from the authorities they'll be arrested for being in the country illegally. Etcetera, etcetera.

Slavery, by any other name....

Human trafficking, regardless of purpose, is wrong. It's time for the Democrat Party to join the rest of us in the 21st century.

* * *

Okay, so let me make sure I understand this. If white people refuse to let black people in, it's racism. If black people refuse to let white people in, it's "creating a safe space". Is that how it goes?

Let's try an experiment with the first two paragraphs of the article linked by Ms. Alkon:
In the wake of a controversial aryan-students-only assembly at Oak Park and River Forest High School, members of the School District 200 Board said Monday they're worried about potential legal consequences.

OPRF gained national attention for an "Aryan Lives Matter" assembly held Feb. 27 after parents of Jewish students who tried to participate in the assembly complained they were turned away. Principal Nathaniel Rouse, the assembly's organizer, said he thought aryan students would speak more freely among members of their own race, a model known as affinity grouping.
No, no problems there!

Meanwhile, Starbucks is trying to find newer and more efficient ways to get people to stop buying their overpriced caffiene slurries. Lecturing paying customers on race is a great way to make sure people don't want to visit your business.

* * *

Same vein, different minority. Transsexuals are screaming over a bill that makes it harder for people to claim they're transsexual, particularly when they do so only for the sake of an expedient: "Heh heh, yeah, I know I look like a guy, but I'm a woman, so I'm going to go into the girls' locker room and change. Heh heh heh."

If your driver's license says "F" under "sex" or "gender", you go into the women's locker room. This law doesn't change that. It just keeps the f-ing perverts in line.

* * *

Karl Denninger applies the Laws of Thermodynamics to economics.

The thing I find most interesting about the Laws of Thermodynamics is how closely they apply to just about everything. I'm not surprised by Denninger's discussion, though I would have been a few years ago; but since then I've learned that the Laws of Thermodynamics apply to a whole bunch of processes that we wouldn't consider to be physical ones, subject to such constraints.

Like economics.

* * *

More global warming is headed for Massachusetts. That's right--a major snowstorm on the first day of spring can only be further proof that global warming is going to destroy us all. You have been warned.

* * *

$5 says my wife is going to hate the clicky-clicky coming from the 1390. *Sigh*

It doesn't have a Windows key. CTRL-ESC switches between the Start screen and the desktop, but I don't think there's a combination that'll bring up the power user menu (which is WIN-X on a keyboard with a Windows key). Well, life is a compromise, and if you want the mechanical switch clickiness of the best computer keyboard EVAH you have to be willing to give up a few things here and there.

This keyboard was manufactured on September 15, 1986--it says so on the model/serial plate--which makes it a mere twenty-nine years old and still going strong.

Because it's been about eight years since I last used one more than incidentally, though, it's taking me some time to get used to it. It doesn't have a wrist rest, and the key spacing is a bit wider than I'm used to. But that will come with time, and I can buy a wrist rest for a few bucks at work, so none of this is really an issue.

Ahh, clicky goodness. How much I missed you.

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