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#4630: Well, I have fixed another appliance.

Last night, Mrs. Fungus brought home tilapia and some other stuff. I was going to cook it, but first I needed a stove that could broil!

Pulled the stove out, unplugged it, removed board, unsoldered relays, soldered in new relays, installed board, plugged in, tried--whoops, forgot to reinstall broiler element--unplugged, installed broiler element, tested--works!

The oven went on and the oven went off. No problem.

The relay that switches the broil element on and off showed signs of having overheated--the potting around the contacts that carry the high current for the element had turned dark brown--and the circuit board itself showed signs of overheating. So that's what caused the relay to fail closed, and that's why the stove went haywire.

The stove is thirteen years old. Theoretically, this repair should last a similar time. Here's hoping!

* * *

I continue to reacquaint myself with the 1390.

* * *

Way to go, San Francisco arch diocese! California continues to face a serious drought, but apparently there is plenty of water available to keep homeless people from sleeping in the church doorways.

Have to wonder how fervently the San Francisco arch diocese argued for SF to become a "sanctuary city" that doesn't regulate the homeless, you know, like making a crime out of vagrancy.

Now, the Catholic Church was arguably started by Saint Peter, to whom was given the charge by Jesus Christ Himself to, among other things, "feed my sheep". Yet here we have a Catholic arch diocese saying, "Well, we certainly don't want those homeless people here being all vagranty! Just think of what it does for property values!"

Yeah, it's going to be kind of hard for them to defend that when they're up in heaven. Priests don't get a break just because they're priests; in fact priests are held to a higher standard of behavior because they're supposed to know better.

...I knew, briefly, a retired priest who was scared shitless of dying. He had to have his scapular on every night, no ifs ands or buts, because he was petrified that he'd die without it. I'm not going to speculate why, but whatever sin he'd committed that he'd never confessed to haunted him. (IDK what it might be. For all I know, he took a buck from the collection plate to buy a candy bar.)

Well, it's not for me to judge, and I'm certainly not in a position to be critical, but I do happen to think that hosing the homeless down with water is not what Jesus meant when he charged Peter with the maintenance of His flock.

* * *

If you have a large quantity of cash on hand, it must mean you're a criminal. That's dangerously close to "presumption of guilt", which is verboten...but then again the only people paying attention to the Constitution these days are crusty bloggers and right-wing nutjobs (self included).

* * *

Thanks to the use of Social Security funds, the national debt looks like it's about $18 trillion. The linked article makes the point that it could actually be more than ten times that much.

Yeah: all the IOUs collected in the Social Security "lock box" (and other places) tally up to about $205 trillion dollars. Trillion, with a "T" at the front: two point oh five times ten to the fourteenth power, basically a 2 with fourteen zeros after it. $205,000,000,000,000. Yeah.

That is heart-stoppingly bad.

* * *

Global trade is slowing way the hell down. You can ship a 20-foot container to Europe for a bit more than $600, which is depression-level.

I remember several years ago talking about how global shipping was down some 17%, and then finding an article showing vast fleets of container ships just moored and doing nothing...and it turned out that some 17% of the world's container ships were, guess what, idle.

How much worse is it now?

* * *

"The price of electricity will necessarily skyrocket," said Prince Barack Hussein Obama before his coronation. So he's working mightily on making that happen--or, rather, his lackeys in the EPA are working mightily, as he watches from the comfortable confines of the nearest golf course--and we're going to see the result really soon.

Illinois, I find, is pretty fair dinkum for the price of electricity, which shocks me to no end.

* * *

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Notice that this is happening under leftist governments, because leftism is inveterately nepotistic.

* * *

I really do think that I'm going to have to get myself a wrist rest for this keyboard. The Gateway keyboard I've been using since time immemorial has one, and I've gotten used to it. So when I switch to this highly non-ergonomic but supremely nifty keyboard, that doesn't have a wrist rest, I find that the heels of my hands get roughed up a bit. *sigh*

Well, it's a process, right?

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