atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4634: IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT!!! ...on a Monday.

I actually clocked out at 3:59 because I couldn't bear to wait any longer.


Today is March 23, and when I got up this morning it was to snow. Whee!

And when I left for work, visibility was about 1/8th mile and the roads were rapidly becoming snow covered--so much so that by the time I got to the highway, I had to switch on 4WD and drive at 40 MPH.

Passing one major road, I espied in the median a car which had first collided with something very solid before winding up with its rear end in the ditch and its mangled front end facing traffic. Further along the road, there was an SUV which had spun out; traffic slowed to a crawl and I saw the guy as he began to turn around. Further there was a semi there with one of its trailer doors open; I'd thought there had been a collision but apparently not.

It's almost as if people forgot that snow is slippery, and that when you can't see pavement through the snow you'd better slow the hell down.

Got to work a bare five minutes late, and there was no one waiting which seemed miraculous to me. Not only was there no one waiting but my first scheduled appointment wasn't until 11 AM, which was awesome. In fact, the weather kept things calm for most of the morning, and things only started picking up after it stopped snowing around 1 PM...which was when another person came in anyway.

Can't complain.

But as quickly as the ground turned white again, it's going to go back to being greenish-brown; in theory it's supposed to be about 60° on Wednesday and it's supposed to hit 45° tomorrow.

Even so, I took time today at work to put on Pat Metheny Group's "Spring Ain't Here", as I always do when it snows in springtime.

* * *

The big plan for right now is to go take a nap. Mrs. Fungus is going to be home in about an hour or so, and I'll have to make tacos and probably wash the dishes, so I'd better get a few winks while I can.

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