atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4637: Bad movie

Mrs. Fungus and I started watching Starflight One last night. Vintage 1983, it's about a hypersonic airliner's maiden flight, and the thing ends up in orbit.

Best part so far: a shot of Cape Canaveral circa 1970, with a Saturn V on a lunch pad in the foreground and the VAB in the background, with the legend, "Sydney, Australia".

Seeing this, I piped up with, "Greetings, friend! Welcome to Orgrimmar! Have you come to help the horde?"

...because when the whole "Warlords of Draenor" expansion was going live last autumn, I took my horde main Erogami to do the quests, and when I clicked on Thrall, that's what he said...even though we were standing in the middle of Blasted Lands, which isn't even on the same continent as Orgrimmar.

Even better, then, the Saturn V Delta rocket launched from Cape Canaveral Sydney, Australia, and which was supposed to put a satellite into orbit, had a third stage malfunction. They hat to blow it up, and of course the debris was on a a collision course with Starflight One. Well, after all, they were launching the Saturn V Delta rocket at a forty-five degree angle!

There are so many f-ing problems with this movie, it's safe to say that it's slightly less technically accurate than Gravity was.

It's a made-for-TV movie made when Hollywood still thought everyone was too stupid to know the difference between Australia and Florida, so of course the plot is pretty dumb. We're getting a lot of wisecracks out of this one!

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