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#4640: Feckless

The middle east is getting worse every day.

Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Iraq--all these places which were stable in 2008 are falling to pieces one way or another.

In his incontinent need to make some kind of deal with Iran, Obama is now contemplating letting Iran run nuclear centrifuges in underground bunkers. Ace asks, "So, Jewish Democrats who voted for Obama: How's Obama's ass taste?"

It beggars belief that Obama and his staff could be so fucking stupid as to think that Iran is really going to adhere to the strictures of any agreement they find inconvenient. "You're allowed to run nuclear centrifuges in underground bunkers, but don't enrich any uranium in them!" "Durr, okay boss."

Unfortuately, though, the alternative to Obama and his staff being fucking stupid is that they are actively engaged in helping Iran get nuclear weapons. I can't find the words to express how bad that would be.

Ultimately their motivation and rationale is irrelevant, though. What we are looking at is a self-proclaimed enemy of the United States trying to build nuclear weapons, and instead of stopping them cold the Obama administration is helping, giving them room and time to operate and forcing Israel to do nothing.

So much stability and order in the middle east has been ruined by the idiotic policies of the Obama administration, though, the world of today scarcely resembles that of 2008. And this doesn't even begin to touch on whatever the fuck is going on in Ukraine.

At the base of it, though, seems to be my mother's prediction for the course of any Democrat administration: ruin economy, start war. We're past the first and well into the second.

Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

Meanwhile, our government continues to demonstrate its commitment to making life easy for government employees and drug dealers.

DEA agents working undercover! Don't you understand? These agents were under cover in Colombia. They had to have sex with those hookers so they could maintain cover! They didn't enjoy it or anything.

Read our lips, prole! UNDER. COVER. So what if they were given expensive gifts and money by drug lords? They're working under cover and they can't exactly say, "Hey, I can't accept this lavish gift, Mr. Drug Lord! I am a government employee!"


...of course what it amounts to is DEA employees receiving bribes and other enticements, and it's a fine example of why the war on (some) drugs is an abject failure and should be ended.

The fact that the guilty parties are receiving token punishments only exacerbates the problem. "I had sex with hookers provided by drug lords, and I got a 10-day vacation for it! Woohoo!"

* * *

So: airplane crashes in Europe, turns out to have been deliberately flown into terrain by the copilot, who locked the pilot out of the cockpit.

But the FAA said he was a stellar pilot.

No news yet on motive. There's plenty of speculation, of course. More and more, I am looking at the entire airline industry and concluding that the only good time to fly is rarely.

* * *

Easy week, made not so easy--since Sunday morning I have had twinges in my gut, the kind that happen once in a long while that are generally related to the diverticulosis. It made sleep difficult last night. It seems better today (finally) but I feel like my brain is wrapped in cotton batting.

I ended up re-downloading Carmageddon from, and I'm pleased to report that on the MC51AC the game has a reasonable frame rate.

Not so reasonable is the way it handles full screen. The game was not designed to be played on a system with a 1920x1080 screen, certainly, but it at least ought to be able to handle 640x480. Instead, though, I have a choice between a tiny little window, or BLOCKY-VISION.

The thing is, when I dug out old Escaflowne and ran it on the blab slab, it looked all right. The 'slab is 1920x1080, but of course when used as a monitor it can display other resolutions. I don't know what resolution it was running in, but Carmageddon looked good and worked fine.

On the plus side, I can always use Escaflowne or Jurai to play the game. Of late I have had a hankering to dig out Jurai anyway, just to fire up the old girl and see if she still works.

...right after I do the other 50,000 things demanding my attention. *sigh*

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