atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4641: This makes me chuckle.

"We're leaving Indianapolis if you pass that five years or so." I notice the the CEO of GenCon didn't say anything about their contract before the law was passed.

Basically, SB 101 makes it legal for businesses to refuse to do business with people for religious reasons. If you run a bakery and don't want to bake a cake for a gay wedding, you don't have to, and they can't sue you for "discrimination".

Before the law passed, though, the CEO of GenCon was threatening that they'd take their toys and go home, thus costing Indiana money. The law has passed, and now she's saying that they must remain in Indy through 2020.

...I have to wonder how long it will be before the idea of leaving Indy is quietly dropped. They left Geneva, Wisconsin, and I'd wager it wasn't because the LGBT community got badfeels.

But the about-face makes me laugh. GenGon has a problem here: they don't want the law, but the last thing they want is for attendees to hurt convention attendance because they are boycotting Indiana, hence the sudden backpedal from "We're leaving!" to "We're starting to talk about the possibility of leaving."

* * *

The bad movie du jour was Man From Planet X. It was pretty bad.

...the alien looked like a bad picture of Don Ameche, the main character's mustache had a variable dihedral, and I never did understand what the evil scientist hoped to accomplish by cutting off the alien's air supply, except that was the alien's motivation to mind-control everyone it could and cause other trouble.

The evil scientist was played by that guy, one of those character actors you know by sight, but not his name or anything. (William Schallert.)

Og advised me to look for a movie called Monolith Monsters so we'll see if we can't find that one next.

* * *

Went to bed when Mrs. Fungus did, but woke up hungry and hot. I think I've cooled down now, and now I'm sleepy again.

Guess I know what that means.

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