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#4643: For as long as it lasts

So over the past few days I've been working on the laptop.

The laptop is going on six and a half years old. I can no longer play WoW on it--its video hardware is no longer supported by the game--and it's gotten to the point now where it's still useful for web surfing and writing, and older games, but little else. (I can watch anime on it, too.)

There is absolutely no reason (or plan) to replace it. I don't use it enough for it to be necessary.

...but because I don't use it, the OS and anti-malware suite are all out of date. So I pulled out my DVD of Geek Squad software and put it through the wringer; once that was done I was trying to decide when I ought to take it in to run the optimizer (update and patching software) on the thing.

But yesterday I realized it was possible to bring the mountain to mohammed: I burned a copy of the optimizer to a DVD and brought it home, and it worked just fine. The laptop was not all that far out of date, but now it's patched to current.

Could be worse.

* * *

What kind of world is it where the tulips sprout a week before we see any signs of crocus? Must be global warming.

Speaking of which--Thursday night it snowed, and when Mrs. Fungus and I woke up on Friday morning it was to snow-covered grass. I went back to bed (because I'd woken in the night--see yesterday's posts for details) and when I got up after noon, the grass was green-brown again.

Global warming made it snow, and global warming made the snow melt. We're screwed.

* * *

The song that plays at the end of the original Star Wars movie (ep 4 blah blah blah) was originally called "The Jedi March" or something of the sort. Over the years it morphed into something else (Luke's theme?) and its presentation at the end of the first movie is the only place we ever hear it for more than a few bars. And even there it segues into a recessional-type music that abandons the theme that it begins with.

That's a shame, because it's the single most evocative piece of music in the whole ouerve.

When I really think about the music of Star Wars that piece is what comes to mind, always-always. The music was essential to making that movie what it was; it would not have done as well if it had gone the way of other SF movies and tried to be "futuristic".

Forbidden Planet is a classic SF movie. If it had been given an orchestral score for a soundtrack, rather than some goobers fiddling with a theremin, it would have been a tour de force.

What SW did for SF movies was to remove the schlock and cheese--a good old-fashioned space opera, but one that took itself seriously. Empire Strikes Back is regarded as the best of them because it was an entirely serious story.

Then we got Return of the Jedi. Hooray, ewoks, and George Lucas deciding that the movies needed comedy relief and had to be kid-friendly. *sigh* Despite Lucas' best efforts, the final movie of the original three managed to be a reasonable finish to the trilogy, but the way the ewoks were played gave us a foretaste of what further SW movies would be like.

And that is a tale already plainly told.

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