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#4645: Could not happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

Banks are going to end up eating some mortgages. The long and the short of it is, if you were foreclosed on but stayed in the house for five years without making any payments, the house becomes yours, free and clear.

You have to avail yourself of it and there are a whole slew of terms and conditions, and it's going to require a lot of lawyering, but if you're so inclined--

Considering how the banksters have done things for the past couple of decades--and how they have utterly fucked over the rest of us for a percentage--I think they deserve a little payback. Heh.

* * *

So, Indiana's new religious freedom bill!

Karl Denninger explains why it's not unconstitutional nor is it going to make being gay illegal.

He uses the example of a Jewish restaurant, where everything is kosher: you don't have the right to demand that he serve you bacon. Similarly, a Jewish person can't go to a gentile restaurant and demand that his food be kosher.

The Indiana law merely emphasizes the rights set forth in the First Amendment, and it's about time that people realized that being gay doesn't entitle you to any special rights.

Meanwhile the gay CEO of Apple loses his shit over the law and I have to love this paragraph:
Apple is expanding across the Middle East, with retail stores in Saudi Arabia. Apple is happy to sell to those who mandate that women shroud themselves in hijabs and do not permit them to appear in public without their husbands or allow them drive a car. Homosexuals are subjected to death by beheading, stoning, being tossed off buildings across the region where Apple products are found to the delight of Mr. Cook. Like most who share the progressive ideology, he seems to lose his passion for the protection of so-called protected classes like homosexuals for the right price under authoritarian ideological governance.
Yep, so there you have it: Indiana is a hotbed of bigotry and oppression and must be destroyed, but Saudi Arabia is apparently an eglalitarian paradise where homosexuality is celebrated.

No, I don't understand what these idiots are smoking. (Other than pickles.)

And while we're on the subject of LBGTBBQWTF, Vox Day weighs in on transgenderism and the harm it does.

A-number-one on the list of things you never, never, ever say to your kids is "I wish you were never born. I never wanted to have kids." Saying that sort of thing to your children makes you a near-perfect asshole.

Vox Day goes on to say:
The thing that is so ridiculous about "transgenderism" is that it flies completely in the face of both science and religion. You have to be an indoctrinated moron to take the concept seriously; most people that make a big production about saying "she" where "he" is the genetically appropriate pronoun obviously know better. As Orwell pointed out, the more ridiculous the concept in which you are willing to feign belief, the more complete your intellectual submission.
The other day I was helping a client reset his e-mail password, and when he saw that the selections under "gender" included "other", he scoffed, "What the hell does that mean?"

* * *

Iranian defector says that US is shilling for Iran. Why not? What else has Obama got on his plate besides golfing and fundraising?

The fecklessness of this administration knows no bounds.

Vox Day has a piece up which gives an interesting perspective on Iran's quest for nuclear weapons. The idea that a nuclear Iran could lead to more stability in the middle east is an interesting one. It makes some excellent points, and the author he quotes obviously has the chops to qualify as an expert opinion on the subject.

The problem with it, though, is that it assumes that Iran is going to be rational about its actions. I'm worried that it will not be, and that the first warning we will have that Iran is not a rational actor is going to be mushroom clouds over Israel and the sudden bricking of every electronic device on the eastern seaboard. That is why I oppose a nuclear Iran: I don't trust them any further than I could spit a Trident missile.

* * *

Gorgeously warm day today, for late March. Too windy for riding the motorcycle to be any fun, though, and I did not sleep as well as I'd hoped to, last night. Sleep would not come, and when it did there was too little of it.

But today is my Friday, and I have time off. Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer than today, and I hope to get some things done outside. We'll see how that goes, but I'm hoping.

Right now, I need to go lay down.

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