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#4647: Ahh, quiet.

Sitting here in the computer room, mulling blog topics, I'm struck with how there isn't any noise in the background. No subwoofers set on "stun", no rap music, no ringtones, no televisions, no desk phones ringing. The loudest sound in the computer room is the stirrer in my wife's glitter lamp and the clicky of the 1390 as I type. It makes me reluctant to do anything, because doing anything will make noise, and I get more than my fill of noise when I'm at work.

I say "noise" but the acoustic environment there is usually dominated by bad music, and actual noise would be an improvement. Okay, at that job down in Rantoul they ran dust collectors, and those were very loud, and I'd rather sit next to a dust collector for six hours than have to listen to "urban" music, particularly when it's a radio station playing the exact same IDIOTIC songs over and over and over again in a 1-hour rotation, punctuated by idiots talking about stupid crap.

Yesterday someone had tuned the radio in the boom box department to WXRT. For at least half my day the thing was playing music I actually liked, or at least didn't hate the shit out of. I still turned off the bass boost.

I don't know why it's necessary to have everything turned up so loud in that place, but I frequently find myself wanting to tell people that it's a store, not a dance club. When I go to other stores in the chain, I am not struck with a wall of noise the instant I walk in, so it must be something peculiar to this store. *sigh*

...but when I have a day off, I can sit and enjoy the peace and quiet.

* * *

Watched Moonraker last night. I'm thinking about skipping Octopussy, because it's easily the weakest of the Bond films, and my wife thinks Roger Moore is ugly, and possibly smelly as well. We're going to watch View to a Kill because that one's pretty good and Christopher Walken plays the bad guy.

For Your Eyes Only is the movie after Moonraker but we saw that one not too long ago. Once past VtaK, Timothy Dalton takes over.

April begins tomorrow, and 4/12 is when Game of Thrones resumes. Supposedly Gotham is going to restart next week, but there are only a handful of episodes left this season. At some point we'll have to obtain the second season of Under the Dome, too, but that can probably wait until later.

What cannot wait is Interstellar. I must go buy a copy of that today. If it were a bit warmer I'd ride the bike, but it's not even sixty out. Tomorrow it's supposed to get near seventy, but I'll believe that when I see it.

* * *

Hypocrisy is a feature of leftism. Apple's gay CEO is talking about boycotting Indiana. Well, go ahead. While you're at it, Apple, you had better boycott all the other states with religious freedom laws--there are more than a dozen of them--and you'd also better pull out of Saudi Arabia and the other countries where homosexuality is a capital offense.

The bedwetting over this one might be understandable if Indiana's new law was unprecedented, but a virtually identical federal law was signed by Bill Clinton in 1993 after it swept both houses of Congress, and as I said a significant number of states have similar laws on their books.

* * *

One of the things that I can't stand is when someone takes a Windows laptop and puts an Apple sticker on it. I mean, c'mon, dude: no one is fooled. And if you wanted a Mac, why didn't you buy one?

It's kind of like putting a "Type R" sticker on a Mustang. It's not; Ford never offered a "Type R" Mustang because that is strictly a Honda thing. Ford might offer an SVO version of the car, the same way Toyota has a TRD (which I inevitably read as "TuRD", which proves that non-native English speakers still make all the big decisions in Toyota's marketing department) version of its various vehicles.

Your HP/Toshiba/Lenovo is not a Mac. It will never be a Mac. I don't know what message you are trying to send by putting an Apple sticker on it, but the message I receive is, "I'm a doofus!"

* * *

So I wasn't able to post. Turned out to be a glitch in LiveJournal, one that I fixed by releasing and renewing my DHCP lease. ("Ipconfig /release", then "ipconfig /renew", from a DOS prompt.)

Post will go up now. the meantime, I went to the store I work at and purchased Interstellar on BD, so I know what Mrs. Fungus and I will be watching tonight. And now that I've had some food, I'm going to go have yet another gander at the Jeep's front end, in hopes of figuring out WTF makes it wobble.

Nice weather for it, at least.

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