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#464: I'm on the other side of the planet!

Three things I've learned since arriving in Cagayan de Oro City on Sunday.

1) Cockroaches can be the size of mice. And they can fly. (That just ain't fair, I tells ya.)

2) It's possible to have no traffic conrol at most intersections in a city without generating an unconscionable amount of chaos. (It's scary as hell, but possible.)

3) Pig intestines can taste very good, if cooked properly.

* * *

The trip, as expected, was long and wearying. The 747 from LAX to Manila stopped at Guam to refuel.

I had real ramen at LAX--real ramen, the stuff you always see in anime, with egg and pork and fish sausage--and it's delicious.

I've only been here for a bit more than a day, and although it's hot and sticky, I like it. It's really been an experience; and while I was riding in a jeepney with my girlfriend to this web cafe so I could post this, I realized I was having a great time.

So, to arrive here, I rode in three different airplanes and made four takeoffs and four landings. The last one was at the CDO City airport, and it was the first time I ever got off a Boeing aircraft without using a jetway: they rolled one of those stairway-trucks up to the airplane and opened the door. In fact, the air terminal itself is little more than a big strip of concrete and an open building. I assume there are some check-in facilities for outbound passengers but I have no idea how that works, yet.

I was the only caucasion on that airplane. It was not hard for my girlfriend to pick me out of the crowd.

Of course, being an obvious foreigner, I get looks from people, and when I was leaving the airport all sorts of taxi drivers really wanted me to ride with them. Foreigner=rich, and I know I looked like a walking Peso sign. Oh well.

As for me, the first food I had in the Philippines was...a hot dog. Yeah: and the only exotic thing about it was that the guy put mayo on it, which was unusual but not all that bad, considering.

But that's not the really big news. The really big news:

They make Pepsi with sugar here.

In fact, I can recite the ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, caramel color, natural flavors, caffiene, and phosporic acid. That is it, end of list.

In other words, it's real Pepsi, not the over-engineered super-preserved freakin' corn syrup-ified Pepsi we get in the United States. It only has the ingredients that it needs and/or ought to have, and it's wonderful.

I mean, what's up with that? This is a country where a doctor earns about $400 per month, and they have better Pepsi than we do. I'm really annoyed by that.

I'm gonig to have to work out how to transfer pictures to my FTP account so I can post them here, but soon enough. I'll write more at a later time.

Until then, kita ta unya.

"See you later".

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