atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4650: And something else.

Another thing I noticed yesterday while working on the Jeep? The front sway bar bushings are shot. The end links could stand to be replaced, but they've probably still got some life in them; the mounting bushings are, however, hogged out so that the bar can flop around. A set of bushings costs $15 and tax, so I think I'll have a go at replacing them. And since I have to go over that way anyway, to run an errand for Mrs. Fungus, it's not like it'll take much extra effort or anything.

The sad part? There's an $8 kit which would let me rebuild the ends, but the store nearest me doesn't have it. I could get it from a store in Highland, if I had time, which I don't. The three auto parts stores near the bunker can order the kit, or I can pay three times as much for a complete end link. All I need is the damned bushings, not the whole thing, so I'm going to fix the mounts leave the end links for another time.

But "miles to go" and so forth, and daylight's burning, so off I go.

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