atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4651: I forgot to mention

I had time to get on to WoW last night for five whole minutes. Will the madness never cease?

* * *

EPIC SHOCK!!! The Justice Department, headed by Obama crony Eric Holder, will not seek contempt charges against Obama crony Lois Lerner.

I'll tell you what, I am just flat out amazed that Obama crony Eric Holder is not going to seek charges against another Obama crony. I mean, until now, Eric Holder has been an exemplar of honesty and fairness!

* * *

So I went to the bank for my wife, then to the parts store, and then to Burger King. At the latter place, I ordered my usual (two Whoppers, no tomato) and was charged--instead of $5 and tax--$6 and tax. I looked at the receipt, and noticed that I was being charged $0.50 per sandwich for "no tomato".

Well, let me amend that. The line items are approximately thus:
2 for $ Mix and match: 5.00
Whopper: 0.50
no tomato
Whopper: 0.50
no tomato
etc, etc. So it might just be that there's a $0.50 surcharge for Whoppers on the deal, because Signature Sandwich or something. But it looks as if I'm being charged for the privilege of not having tomato on my Whoppers.

Knowing that things like this are always set at the corporate level, and not wanting to be that customer I assumed it's the former. WTF, it's still only $3 per sandwich, which is a pretty good deal considering that the Big Mac is almost $6 these days, and I have better things to do with my time than make someone's life miserable over a lousy dollar.

* * *

But now I have eaten my Whoppers, and I have work to do. I'd better get moving.

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