atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4652: Well, that's a job well done.

120,220 miles, the Jeep got new front sway bar bushings. The old ones were utterly dicked, and until I got them out I did not truly appreciate the totality of their dickeredness.

In fact, the end link bushings are also dicked, and I'll have to replace them--and possibly the links as well since the driver's side one looks like it got bent--but that's a project for another day. Week. Month.

I, too, am dicked. My arms feel like they weigh a thousand pounds.

All the work I did on the front end--tie rod end boots, the track bar bolt, the bushings--none of it made any significant change in the death wobble. I was hoping it would at least change the characteristics of it, and it seems to be a little better, but since it's all by the "ass-o-meter" I'm going with "no change, except for wishful thinking".

As expected. *sigh*

The only thing I found that could possibly be a cause was the track bar bolt, but it's too small a difference; while it fixed the play in the bushing, it did not--could not--fix the problem with the bolt hole being too large. I'm not sure what to do about it at this point.

Og's suggestion that I use a come-along to line up the bolt hole worked famously. The hard part was figuring out where to attach the damned thing; once I had the holes lined up the bolt went in easy-peasy. I had some trouble getting the nut on, but not an excessive amount, and soon I was able to call that part "done" and turn my attention to the sway bar bushings.

Holy shit was that a job.

It should be simple; Jeep built the thing so you don't (theoretically!) have to take the front skid plate off. But I had to, because I simply could not get the damned holders to line up, and then I cross-threaded a bolt and had to chase the damned threads with a tap, which meant taking the f-ing skid plate off. Because one of the nuts for the skid plate studs just spins, I had to cut that one off with the cutoff tool, and when I plugged the cutoff tool into the air line the throttle didn't work, and then when I got it to work I couldn't shut it off so I had to disassemble the f-ing throttle valve and fix that before I could get the skid plate off to chase the threads to reinstall the driver's side bushing THAT WENT ON THE FUCKING JEEP THAT JACK BUILT!!!!!!!11111 oeoneoneojeoneone.

*pant pant pant*

I just about had a freaking stack overflow trying to get this shit done!

Having finally gotten the driver's side done, I was reluctant to do anything to the passenger side, but finally I decided I'd better do it, and got after it.

The passenger side went much easier, though I had a hard time getting the bolt holes lined up. Then I buttoned everything up, put away all my tools, and took a test drive. It was exactly the same as it was before all this, but for the impressions from the "ass-o-meter".

Still--I'm not going to deny that I did necessary things. With the bushings, handling will be better, and the new dust boots will keep the tie rod ends from getting gummed up and failing prematurely. My inspection of the front suspension revealed that while everything is not exactly pristine, there are no obvious failures that could be causing the shimmy. None of the tie rod ends are failing in any obvious fashion, the ball joints seem tight, and I can't detect any other problems.

Therefore there is something that I am missing, and I don't know what.

Even so, I spent two days working outside, instead of sleeping or playing WoW or generalized bumming around. I can't complain about that, and at least I accomplished something in the process.

But man, are my arms tired.

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