atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4653: Next time I wear rubber gloves.

Dinner tonight was tostadas. Mrs. Fungus bought all the ingredients, including a fresh jalapeno.

Diced up the jalapeno and got a bunch of other stuff ready. Dinner was delicious.

Went to the bathroom, and I felt the burn.

...this was after I had washed my hands with soap and water, I might add. So I washed my hands with soap and water again, and then washed the affected member with soap and water, and now finally the burn has gone away.

I don't normally cook with jalapenos, or any kind of hot peppers. I use pickled jalapenos in chili, but have never had this kind of problem with it. The fresh peppers are apparently high-powered.

So the next time I need to dice a jalapeno, I'm going to wear rubber gloves and toss them when the dicing is done, and avoid the burn.

Moral: don't handle your genitals after chopping jalapenos without thoroughly decontaminating your hands. Wash with soap and water, then wash again with soap and water, and then do it again, because holy crap.

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