atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4656: This just takes the cake.

This is a story about the development of a plasma rocket engine that could reduce the transit time to Mars to about 40 days.

Then there is this absolute honey of a lunatic comment:
As the Earth warms the distance to Mars will decrease as we spiral in toward the sun. Only by the elimination of the use of energy can we stop the "Entropy" death spiral and save humanity. This requires living green, and acting locally across the...globally. I do my part by eating organic food raised by cooperatives and never using anything fashioned by a corporation. Unless the corporation is headed by a vegan.
Mars is farther away from the sun than Earth is, so even if Earth were "spiraling into the sun" it would never make Mars closer to Earth.

When someone points that out to him?
I use a Lenova PC which was made in the PEOPLES Republic of China - there is at least one nation on the planet that puts WORKERS FIRST. You corporation lovers sit around, and the corporations do their corporationy things, making money. Meanwhile the rich are hording dollars so the poor can't buy anything
He doubles down on the lunacy!

There's so much wrong with all this I don't know where the hell to begin, and in fact it's so stupid and crazy I am loath to try. This is typical for the uncritical supporter of communism, though, so I don't think I need to say anything more about it. I am just a little surprised that he didn't say anything about human exploration ruining the fragile martian ecosystem, though.

Anyway, the technology is encouraging. Constant-boost interplanetary ships make the entire solar system accessible, sooner rather than later, and if we start mining the asteroid field we can move a lot of dirty industry off Earth, while raining money on everyone, and that would be a long term net gain for everyone, crazies included.

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