atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4658: Incredibly rich kitty!

The cat made $3 million last year.

Okay? The guy's fucking cat made $3.3 million last year. Think fondly on that while you try to decide whether to put gas in your car or mac and cheese on the table, proles, and be glad for the bounty that your betters choose to lavish upon you.

* * *

So during some downtime at work I gave more thought to the Jeep's front end problem, and did some Googing, and finally came up with a few things.

I don't think it's "death wobble". While it has some of the characteristics of DW, it's not that exactly. The main symptom--the vibration, the jerking of the steering wheel--goes away as speed increases, and it's very speed-sensitive, happening only between 50 and 60 on the speedo, with maximum amplitude happening right about 55 MPH indicated. Go faster and it damps out; go slower and it damps out. Stay at that speed, it's pretty bad. Death wobble--once it starts--apparently can only be stopped by slowing down or stopping. And some of the videos I've seen of the phenomenon are pretty extreme, too.

So I have a list of things I want to check when I have a day off and decent weather.

I want to check the wheels for out-of-true. I want to pull the hubs and check them for play. I want to pull the front driveshaft and go for a spin without it. I want to check the steering box theory. I want to check the other U-joints in the front end.

I'm not finished with this project, not by a long shot.

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