atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4661: FAST. I mean, FAST.

So today I--having gotten permission from Mrs. Fungus, and having the money in place--purchased a 120 GB SSD from work. As it turns out, the Best Buy web site lists the drive at $52.99, which is lower than the employee discount price and a screaming good deal. Passing this one up was probably inadvisable anyway based on that fact alone. (Similar to the 1 TB drive I bought around Christmastime for $45--remember?)

It's virtually the exact same size as a 2.5" hard drive--maybe a smidge thinner--and there's no trouble swapping it for an HDD. Took me seconds with a philips head, thanks to the intelligent design of the laptop.

Then I ran the Windows 7 install, and that completed faster than I expected; once that was complete, I tried doing a couple minor things like installing Pale Moon and such.

...everything I did was lightning fast. The machine boots from scratch in fifteen seconds. Literally: press power button, wait fifteen, arrive at desktop. Installing Pale Moon was incredibly fast. Installing AdBlock for Pale Moon? I thought the install had failed, that's how fast it was: click, click, "Installation complete". WTF!!

Eventually the SSD is going into Floristica, of course, as the OS/boot/WoW drive. Doing that is going to require reconfiguring the system, of course, and in a major way--but it will mean lightning fast booting and WoW-erating.

The laptop is like an entirely new system. Part of that is, of course, the advantage of running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit (rather than Vista Home Premium 32 bit) but not all; the SSD has made everything much, much faster. Now I need to run all the updates and everything, of course. Whee!

Looking forward to doing something useful with the LT just to see how it goes, but this is damned cool and already worth the price of admission.

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