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#4665: About those sway bar bushings...

Yesterday I did a little bit in the garage, and one of the things I did was to clean up a little more after last week's epic front end project.

The sway bar bushings, as I noticed last week (but didn't comment upon here) had glazing inside them: there was enough vibration present at the front wheels that the friction of the sway bar in the bushings heated them up until their inner surfaces melted.

...which explains some of the "hot rubber" smells the Jeep emitted, from time to time.

The bar, on the passenger side, has a spot where the paint is shiny from rubbing against the sway bar. Thinking about it, the sway bar is a torsion spring, and if the bar is moving enough to polish the paint on one side, that side must be where the source of the vibration is.

My original plan for this week had been to take the passenger side hub out and more closely inspect the suspension on that side for wear and other issues, but it's been cold and rainy, and my sleep schedule is fouled up by my own stupidity and/or need to work on the latest novel.

Eventually I'll get after it, though, and figure it out.

* * *

Speaking of the novel--

As of this morning it's standing at 66 pages, which is not too shabby. I keep having doubts about the "coming of age" parts of the story, but they're part of the story that I want to tell and I don't know that there's any other way I can tell it. Is a 12-year-old boy going to be curious about girls? Yes. If his only regular playmate is a 9-year-old girl, will she be the target of his affection and curiosity? Without a doubt, especially if her actions are the ones that pique his curiosity in the first place. It means writing a certain amount of nudity, but I'm trying to handle it in a reasonable fashion and I don't linger on the details. It simply does not work if the characters are older, and it's pretty much a true-to-life examination of how people in this situation would behave. Kids that age start getting curious about the opposite sex, and they start experimenting, and they don't always pay attention to the rules set by adults; anyone who ever "played doctor" knows that much.

The most galling thing about all my doubts is the thought that if my main character were gay, the SJW crowd would laud it to the heavens as a masterpiece and I would get all kinds of awards for it, especially if it were pornographic in its detail (which this story is emphatically not).

But that will never happen; besides the fact that I'm not that damned good, this story won't win any writing awards because the protagonist is strictly hetero. His father is devout and religious, and I portray him as a good father (if strict) and an honorable man. They live in a society where people usually behave in an honest and decent fashion, because to act otherwise invites censure. The protagonist never forces himself on the girl. No one in the story is cohabiting, no one is divorced. Race is not a subject of the story, because the race of the characters has nothing whatsoever to do with the plot. There are no homosexuals in the story. Hard work is rewarded and cheating is punished. The protagonist gets corporal punishment from time to time, but it's having a net positive effect on his morality, and it's not turning him into a violent thug.

...all of which is anathema to the SJW crowd. But I do not write stories for them, because the stories they like are boring shit.

* * *

It's six AM now. I woke up around three, and was unable to go back to sleep despite my fatigue; since then I've spent three hours fapping around on the computer and doing nothing really useful: a couple sentences added to the story, a little housekeeping on one toon in WoW, a couple YouTube videos, and this post. Too tired to concentrate much, not interested in games, and I'd be asleep if I could.

Rumblies passed to the south of us in that time. We got a little rain, I think, but other than some distant thunder I didn't hear much out of this one.

But now I think the insomniac phase has passed, and I'm going to try sleeping...right when Mrs. Fungus' alarm is set to go off. *sigh*

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