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#4666: It really is hard to feel sorry for them

ISIS is beheading members of Hamas.

I mean, this is like seeing Russia and China go to war against each other. You know that one of them is going to lose, and it means one less gigantic pain in your ass to deal with, but you can't really feel good about it because people are dying. But you want to clap and cheer.

That's how I feel about one group of muslim savages killing members of another group of muslim savages.

Right now a bunch of bands of savages are fighting for supremacy, and whichever one wins will have united all the barbarians under one banner. That'll make it both easier and harder for us to deal with them.

* * *

In the "big surprise" department we have this story about what Abe-nomics is doing to the middle class of Japan.

I've said before that the US is following the Japan paradigm, only perhaps a decade behind where Japan is. Bernanke wrote about Japan's economy and discussed what would happen, only then to promote exactly the same kind of measures here in US...which are leading exactly where they did in Japan.

Only faster.

Obamanomics are virtually indistinguishable from Abe-nomics; it means a vanishing middle class, the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer.

Very few members of the middle class are moving up into the ranks of the rich. Nearly all the motion is down.

* * *

This one ain't a good shoot. Unlike the Michael Brown case or the one in NYC where the guy was choked and later suffered a heart attack--which were, respectively, a justified shooting, and not really a police homicide--this is unambiguously a case where a cop murdered someone for no good reason.

He said he "felt threatened." Felt.

...which is why he shot a fleeing, unarmed man eight times in the back, yelled at him to put his hands behind his back, cuffed him, and then moved his dropped stun gun closer to the corpse.

Allegedly. According to the video.

* * *

Because CHRISTIANS, that's why! JayG wants someone to explain to him how religious exemption to laws can be so flexible.
How on bloody earth can a business get sued for refusing to do something based on their religious beliefs, while at the same time another business gets sued for doing something based on their employees' religious beliefs?
I'll do him one better: no one is suing islamic bakers for refusing to make gay wedding cakes, no one is forcing them to do it, and there is no hue and cry about it.

If the truckers were Catholics refusing to haul abortifacients, the EEOC wouldn't give a wet fart about their firings.

The simple explanation is that gays and muslims are considered a "protected class" by our self-styled betters in government. Their grievances must be corrected. Meanwhile, Christians are considered disposable, especially because the Bible-thumpers are white male racist sexist bigoted homophobes anyway and if we don't keep them in their place next thing you know they'll be burning people at the stake.

* * *

Speaking of hypocrisy, Leonardo di Caprio has a private island and he's opening a resort on it.

Denninger explains: "Leonardo DiCaprio, who has made a lot of noise about how Globull Warming is going to submerge many low-lying islands and atolls around the world. He has 'tirelessly' advocated for 'change' in this regard and claims he really believes this nonsense." (Emphasis removed.)

If you really believe that global warming is going to raise sea level, do you really think it's a good idea to build a resort at sea level? Or is this some kind of cunning plan, where he'll rake in the bucks from his resort, then when sea level rises he'll turn out to have insured it to the gills?

The people who promote all the eco-doomsaying do not actually believe their pronouncements. They simply want everyone else to lower their standard of living to "protect the Earth", and they know that won't happen if people aren't frightened into it.

Meanwhile, the extremely rich people like Leonard Caper don't expect their lifestyles to change. What the hell, if gasoline costs $10.00 a gallon he won't be the one suffering, right?

--Denninger's other vignette in this post is about Elizabeth Warren being paid $400,000 a year to teach one class. Holy shit, where can I get a job like that? I'm sure I could do that, teach one class, and since that's all I'd have to do I'd be able to give it my full attention.

Oh, wait, I get it! She's not being paid that for teaching; she's being paid that for being an important Democrat and the teaching is the excuse. I understand!

* * *

Obama says his daughter has asthma because of climate change, not because he smokes. (Cigarettes, that is, to say nothing of what else President "Choom Gang" might be smoking in the Oval Office.) Funny, isn't it? Here I thought that secondhand smoke was the scourge of the new century, causing all kinds of health problems, but when it's a Democrat's second-hand smoke, suddenly its health effects are nothing compared to global warming!

A narcissist will always avoid responsibility for his actions. He'll claim it wasn't him, he'll deflect, he'll explain why he thought A was the case rather than B, he'll do or say whatever he has to in order to avoid saying, "Yeah, that was me." The muddy footprints on the recently-cleaned carpet can lead right to his own feet and he'll say it wasn't him that did it. So it's typical for Obama to say, "What, [daughter] has asthma? That damned global warming! Hey, hand me that lighter." Yeah.

* * *

Actually, I don't think secondhand smoke has anything to do with asthma. It's more likely that the Obama podling has asthma from growing up in a sterile hothouse. But Obama is part of the progressive crowd, and those people believe that smoking is the worst health scourge ever to darken the planet, and The Proles Must Be Scared Into Behaving.

* * *

Aaand that's all I've got. The word bucket is temporarily empty; I can't even think of how I want to continue my story at the moment. I wrote a couple sentences last night but all that did was begin to set the scene for the next part, and two sentences out of a novel--yeah.

Still, I added a total of eleven pages this week, and I'm not unhappy with that.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of other things to do.

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