atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4669: It's a tricycle without a seat.

"Pedal-powered Segway hybrid" my ass. This is the stupidest invention I've seen since the solar-powered light-up drink coasters. WTF.

"IThe feeling of riding a Halfbike is really nothing like riding a bicycle!" Of course it's not. That's because it's not a bicycle. It's a tricycle without a seat, and it's fucking stupid.

* * *

Fred on 'rape culture' and he includes this quote from a female attendee of Vassar:
I'm really sorry I led you on last night I should have known better then [sic] to let my self [sic] drink yet, I really don't want this to effect [sic] our team dynamic or friendship. I don't think any less of you at all I had a wonderful time last night I'm just too close to my previous relationship to be in one right now.
She's semiliterate at best and she gets to go to Vassar. Where did you go to college?

* * *

Linked because of the Downfall parody where Hitler is playing George R.R. Martin. The last line in the parody is why I linked it.

* * *

And now a series of WTF moments, brought to you by GLINT, the vitamin supplement, toothpaste, sheep dip, nasal decongestant, shampoo, poultry seasoning, and motor oil of the STARS!!!


Amazingly nice day today. I need to cut the grass soon. WTF.


Yesterday I took the motorcycle to the post office, only I had to pump up the front tire first. It was flat. WTF.


Shimmy/death wobble in the Jeep is erratic: sometimes it doesn't do it; others it's really bad. WTF.


The penalty Mrs. Fungus and I paid for not having health insurance last year cost less than ONE MONTH'S worth of health insurance would have. WTF.


The wind blew so hard yesterday it knocked the grill over. The heavy-ass gas grill--knocked it right off the patio and ass-over-teakettle. WTF.


Tune in again next week (or whenever) for more wacky facts! Sponsored by GLINT, America's #1 antacid and all-purpose cleanser!

* * *

"GLINT" is an old, old joke from when I was in high school.

* * *

It seems as if Mrs. Fungus and I can have fun doing just about anything together. Our senses of humor match up as if precision-machined. The other day we watched an episode of Wheel of Fortune while eating dinner and waiting for Gotham to start, and we were both cracking up before they got through the first puzzle.

Going to get our taxes done--well, not everything's a party, now, is it? The result was pretty bad, but we expected that. The alternative would have been starving in the dark last year, so--yeah.

No complaints, though; we've got it better than a bunch of other folks do.

* * *

Still mulling the whole "go kart" thing; it's just that there are other things taking priority over that, right now. We'll get after it soon enough.

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