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So I've been dealing with some abdominal pain for the past week or so. Sat down on the kitchen floor to root through the canned goods, and when I tried to get up OWWWWWWW the pain was worse than ever.

At least, I hope it's not intestinal. Whatever it is, it hurts. *sigh* But the fact that it was aggravated by me sitting on the floor and hunching over is actually encouraging; that means it might just be a pulled/strained muscle that hadn't finished healing before I re-strained it. There's no ileum and I'm not experiencing fever, nausea, etc, which would be sure signs of a hernia. So, who knows. Perhaps I'll go see a doc this week. There's no sign of it being a problem with my intestines, so I'm thinking it's something to do with my back or something else. Doc will have to determine that, I suppose.

* * *

New Domino's not far from the Fungal Vale, and tonight (being Game of Thrones night) we hazarded ordering pizza etc from them.

The pizza arrived wadded into one side of the carton. I called them up and told them we wanted a new pizza. They delivered it, and it was okay, but WTF. (I had the delivery guy take back the wadded-up one.)

* * *

Very pleasant weather today, and it was the first day of the year where I didn't bother taking a coat with me. (Well, it was in the truck, but I didn't wear it.) Felt a little odd to be going in to work without a coat on, but that's all right.

* * *

For some reason, Carmageddon began working in 3dFX mode, which makes it a lot more visually appealing. Pity they can't re-compile the game to run on modern graphics hardware. I'd love to have the original Carmageddon, just re-jiggered to run native under Win 8 with maximum graphics acceleration.

My video card has more memory that the highest-end PC available in 1995, for crying out loud.

* * *

Last night, I did my usual crossword puzzle on my Nook, and got #1 by solving the puzzle in one minute seventeen seconds. Of course, as of 10 PM I was relegated to 18th place, with #1 having done the puzzle in a highly unlikely 44 seconds. *sigh*

* * *

Today was a pretty low-key day at work. I got through it handily, but I was tired when I got home.

I functionality tested a set of Klipsch computer speakers again. I did this pair last week (or the week before?) and put an open box sticker on it. A guy bought them today, couldn't figure out how to make them work with his computer, and brought them back. So I got to test them again and box them up again. WTF, people.

They do sound good, and for an open box price of $127, in a reasonable world where I had disposable income I'd buy them, if only to keep them from being returned over and over and over again. WTF.

Amusing part: I turned the bass way up, and the subwoofer sucked a plastic bag into its reflex port. That cracked me up.

* * * seems that I've let the 9th anniversary of Atomic Fungus go by without commemoration. Well, heck, next year's the biggie--the tenth--and hopefully I won't forget that one until nine days afterwards....

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