atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4676: Censorious

So I heard, the other day, that Spike Lee is doing a movie named some variation of Chi-raq, and it's about black-on-black violence in the big city. It is probably not going to be a hard look at the fact that 90% of the violence in the inner city is perpetrated by some 10% of its population, because that is anathema to everything a commie lib like Spike Lee stands for, but he may end up inadvertently portraying some iota of truth in the movie. I don't really care about Spike Lee or his movies.

What I do care about is the Chicago city government's desire to make him change the name of the movie.

One Democrat machine turd has gone so far as to say that if Spike Lee is getting a tax break, then "the people" should have some input into the movie.

No, no, no.

Freedom of expression is a one-way street. Government does not get to dictate to the recipients of its largesse what they may and may not say, not in America. If the city of Chicago chooses to give tax breaks to filmmakers, that's all on Chicago, and existence of the tax breaks does not give Chicago veto power over what may and may not be said about it.

* * *

Round up the entire shipload and send them back where they came from. Apparently a shipload of muslims, migrating to Italy from Libya, decided to toss overboard the twelve Christians in their midst, killing them. Were I in charge, the whole load would be sent back: "Sorry, you have demonstrated that you are not capable of living in a civilized country. Go back to where you came from."


* * *

I am very glad I never see Blackberries. You know why? Because if they came into the precinct all the time, this update would mean I'd end up being inundated with idiots who forgot their damned passwords and bricked their phones as a result.

Denninger is right that this is a good idea for cell phones, because it destroys their value to thieves...but it is going to be a royal pain in the ass for anyone who has to provide technical support for fucking idiots who can't be fucked to remember their passwords.

* * *

I don't even know what I'm doing out of bed.

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