atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4677: The first really warm day of spring

It's today! It's well above 70 and the breeze doesn't have a chill edge to it. This is the perfect day for me to go cut the grass!

...and cut down those bushes I decided to cut down in the wake of Tuesday's work. The pyracantha is going to require some kind of armor, of course. In a better world I could use one of those chain saws mounted on a pole to dismember the thing and then have a robot haul the branches out for me. This is not that world, so I must do it the hard and/or dangerous way.

Once I get the chores out of the way, I can look at the bike and see if it's functional or not. I don't know what it would cost me to have the local shop fix the leak for me, but considering how poorly my last attempts at mounting/dismounting tires went, it might be well for them to take care of it.

With all the driving around I've done this week, the tankful of gas that was supposed to last me until much closer to payday next week is nearly gone. Four work days on a quarter tank in a vehicle that averages 16 MPG? Not gonna happen. I might make it to Monday without having to put gas in, but it's more likely that I'll be filling it either Saturday night or Sunday. And of course with the bike's front tire going flat in under 20 minutes, I can't use it instead of the truck for anything. *sigh*

...I still can't get over how infuriating that is, the tire going flat like that without there being any obvious reason for it. These tires and tubes have well under 2,000 miles on them.

Anyway, "miles to go" and so forth. I'd better get moving.

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