atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4680: Six times in six weeks.

Leonardo di Caprio can say nothing to me about my carbon footprint, because a private jet uses about 2,000 gallons of fuel in a single coast-to-coast flight and he made the cross-country trip six times in as many weeks.
...[S]everal documents relating to Sony corporate travel records show the Titanic and Wolf of Wall Street star took six private roundtrip private jet flights during April and May 2014.

Each time the studio picked up the cost of the plane as well as catering and car service at the departure and arrival destinations.
That's 12,000 gallons of fuel. At an average of 20 MPG, you'd have to drive 240,000 miles to use up that much fuel. It's enough fuel to drive TO THE MOON, ALICE!

...but of course because he's important Leonardo di Caprio is allowed such an enormous carbon footprint. All you worthless proles, though--

* * *

Rainy day today. It didn't start raining before I got to work, but then it proceeded to rian/drizzle all stinkin' day, even to my drive home.

I'm hoping that I can cut the grass by Wednesday, because if I have to wait for my next day off after that it's going to be shaggy again. And as I was leaving today I had a gander at the front of the house and decided that all the extraneous shrubbery has to go. That means I'll whack it back to what was originally planted there by my parents when the house first went up. There's only one more bush to deal with, anyway.

Then I get to deal with the back yard. *moan*

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