atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4683: Thick irony!

This is so. 10 things that we're "grateful" for. I'll blockquote numbers 1 and 2 from the blockquote in the post:
1. I'm grateful that our choice of president has been reduced to two equally detestable dynasties or their proxies. This greatly simplifies the process of selecting a warmongering figurehead for the Empire and its bankers.

2. I'm grateful that I can watch a full spectrum of entertainment, ranging from depraved to dreadfully unfunny on any device at anytime. This white noise helps block out any troubling clarity of thought or urge to ask what I might feel if I wasn't constantly distracted.
Yep, nothing like being able to sit down to a fresh episode of #TOTALLY_NOT_FUNNY_SITCOM after casting your vote to decide whether it'll be Bush or Clinton for the next four years. What's not to love?

* * *

Don't be late for the interview, and don't dress like an idiot for it. If she'd worn a black skirt instead of bright red, her outfit likely would not have been an issue. In all probability the fact that she was late for the thing had more effect on the company's decision not to hire her than her outfit. Considering that she's self-identifies as SJW, I cannot really trust what she says, because SJWs lie about everything (other than being SJW, that is.).

Short form: sure, you're a special snowflake, but all snowflakes do is fall to the ground and melt. Get used to it.

* * *

So today it's really windy, and chilly--at noon it hasn't reached 50 yet--and my body aches with fatigue today. It's warm enough that the tulips have grudgingly opened partway, but it seems like the chill has permeated everything. I don't know what to think about all this.

Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same. *sigh*

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