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#4690: Well, that's a bunch of stuff well done.

Got off work, ran an errand for Mrs. Fungus, then washed the dishes. I'm hungry.

The nice thing is, it was warm enough, and not-windy enough, for me to ride the motorcycle to run the errand. Bonus points for the front tire still being inflated several days after I made sure the valve core was actually tight so that it would, y'know, retain air.


* * *

So! On Earth Day, a volcano spews more aerosols into the atmosphere than Man has in his entire history. So much for "man-made climate change".

* * *

The mainstream media is totally uninterested in the Clinton bribery scandal. It's looking like the Clintons took in millions of dollars from donors and the State Department under Hillary then did favors for donors.

Well, the MSM with the exception of NYT, for some reason. I guess the powers that be in the Democrat party have decided not to let Hillary try again, which is wise considering how she nearly split the Democrat vote last time the Democrat nomination was up for grabs.

* * *

John Deere and GM are in the wrong. If you keep people from being able to tinker with their machinery, people who like to thinker with their machines will simply not buy your stuff.

When I buy a car or a tractor I am not buying a machine designed to run software; I am buying a capability--the ability to go long distances at high speed, or to plow a field. It is up to me what I do with the machine I buy, and if I wish to alter that machine to change its performance that should be entirely up to me. GM and John Deere, rather, want to charge people for the privilege of using their software on their hardware: you don't own the entirety of the car--just the hardware--and if the manufacturer changes its mind about the licensing of the software, you're screwed.

The solution here is simply not to buy GM or John Deere until their corporate bigwigs get their heads out of their asses.

* * *

It's kind of like that old saw about bank robbers going where the money is.
Q: Gee, Mr. Pedophile, you must've known about your proclivities. Why on Earth did you become a schoolteacher when you knew you can't help but molest children? You'll be around them all the time at a school!

A: Well, because schools are where the kids are. DUH!
This is also Yet Another Indication that the war on (some) drugs is not working and never will.
Guard A: "All right, little girl! You take off your bra, then shake your breasts. Failure to comply will be met with arrest."

Girl: [points at the small GROUP OF SEEDY MEN in trenchcoats] Who are they?

Guard A: They're...uh...trainees! Yeah, they're trainees.

Girl: Well...all right. {shakes bust as striptease music begins playing]

...more or less.

(YES I stole that from a Monty Python sketch.)

One commentor says that parents should teach their kids the basics:
...[D]o you have a warrant? do you have probable cause? I'm invoking my 5th amendment right to counsel and silence, and my 4th amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure.

At which point no talking until one's lawyer appears.
I would modify that only a little: a lawyer or a parent. If I got a call from my daughter saying that the school was trying to strip search her, I'd lawyer up and hit that place like a ton of bricks.

As another commentor points out:
So children should be taught not to be frightened by threats of arrest. When being bullied into giving up your rights 'voluntarily', the threat of arrest is no threat at all - if they had grounds or powers to arrest you, they would have already done it, because then they wouldn't have to ask you to do anything voluntarily - they could search you, by force if necessary.

Don't answer questions, don't volunteer anything, demand to speak to a parent and/or a lawyer, and if threatened with arrest, simply ignore the threat. In a situation like that, being arrested is actually a very good thing to have happen - now it's on the record, and there are procedures, and reports, and something that you can use as grounds for getting the problem to go away. Teachers and principals and rent-a-cops can bluff and bluster all they want, but an actual officer who makes an arrest has to justify it afterwards. If he doesn't have probable cause, the arrest is unlawful. And a bunch of teachers squawking 'because drugs!' is not probable cause.
The war on (some) drugs is an abject failure. It's time we gave up the pretense that we can legislate morality.

But how are perverts going to get their jollies if they can't strip search pubescent girls "BECAUSE DRUGS!"?

* * *

This morning I woke up to a honey of an entertaining dream. It was about a mass landing of UFO aliens, and I was awakened by something just as it was starting to get really good. Problem was, it was just about the time Mrs. Fungus was supposed to be getting up and she was still snoring, so I made sure she was awake--and all but a minor vestige of the dream evaporated in the process.

Well, it's in there somewhere. I'm sure I can make something out of the scraps which are left, and as usual the subconscious will fill in the gaps as I write.

It's going to take some time to formulate what to do with this one, but it's a neat idea.

* * *

On the plus side, today I only heard four instances of Sam Smith songs, and the single repetition was not the most-hated song in existence. Bonus points for the fact that they weren't being blasted from Home Theater at top volume, so I was actually able to ignore the shit. In fact, it was relatively quiet both today and yesterday.

"Relatively". Even without shitmusic played at a volume that would render it audible on Mars, that store is a very loud place. It doesn't actually get quiet in there until the HVAC system shuts off, because that junk is noisy as fuck.

As for me, looking through the sales metrics I have discovered that I am #1 in my department for sales, beating even the full-time consultation agent, and I am #7 out of 228 consultation agents in the district. April is the first month that we've tracked sales this way, so I have no idea how good I am usually, but WTH.

I manage this by being utterly 100% honest with people. Today I told someone they could get their machine backed up for $100, but when they mentioned that they were going to buy a new computer, I told them they could get it done for $80. They went and bought a computer, and the person that sold them the computer got the sale for the service, instead of me--but this way I can look myself in the mirror. I don't shine people on, I don't try to trick them, I don't glad-hand; I simply say, "This is what it will cost to fix your computer." If I think they'd be better served buying a new machine, I tell them that. I want to make sure every client is getting maximum value for his money, and if he still buys tech support and/or services from the store with the purchase of a new computer at least the whole store is making money.

I have a fair amount of confidence that I'd suck at corporate sales, though, which is why I don't immediately think about finding a job selling x-ray machines or robots or jet engines. A good salesman can make a crapton of money, and all it requires is that he be a people person...but I really am not.

Could be worse.

But it's a feather in my cap, even so.

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