atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#468: Al Gore, at it again.

Gore hosts a wedding reception serving an endangered species to guests. (Or maybe it's just "threatened" right now. Either way, it's close enough for government work. Literally.)

And not only is the fish endangered, but the practice of fishing for it kills members of an endangered species of birds! It's an environmentalist hypocrite two-fer!

Oh, but perhaps Al Gore is offsetting his species destruction by purchasing "extinction credits" from himself at a fat profit? (Is there such a thing?)

One might think that Al Gore would be a little more careful of his public image--but why should he? News like this won't get reported in the mainstream news, at least not in the US. The article doesn't say how many endangered fish were served at this reception, but how big is the typical "rich person" wedding these days? A hundred guests? Two hundred? (But let George Bush eat one chilean sea bass and see what happens....)

Al Gore could probably get away with serving baby harp seal with a side dish of komodo dragon and spotted owl garnish, grilled over giant redwood, with french fries fried in rendered humpback whale blubber, and still the media would shrug it off as "not news", since Al Gore is "just" an ex-vice-president who is clinging desperately to the public eye as a neo-eco-nazi.

I'm sure he would be "shocked, shocked!" that the menu had contained an endangered species if anyone took him to task for it. But no one will.

"Close enough for government work. Literally": The EPA has a history of ruining the value of land by finding an endangered species on it. Someone has a chunk of land they bought as an investment; then some jerk finds a bird or a flower or a rat or something and the EPA declares the land a "habitat" and makes it off-limits for development. The owner of the land suddenly finds himself with a worthless asset. The EPA doesn't have to pay anyone "fair market value" because it doesn't actually take ownership of the land, not in the legal sense, so "eminent domain" rules don't apply. End result: the EPA can ruin your investment with a stroke of the pen, and there's not a god damned thing you can do about it.

But of course these rules don't apply to Al Gore and his cronies, and they don't even pretend to follow them. (Does anyone think he would even bother with "carbon credits" if he wasn't making money on the deal?) Hence Al Gore flying on private jets which consume more fuel in a single cross-country trip than a Hummer H2 uses in its entire service life, spending $30,000 per year on electricity and gas for his mansions, and serving an endangered or threatened species to hundreds of guests.

Go, Al, go.

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