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#4692: Well, that's a good step forward.

Today I visited Og in his natural habitat, and ended up coming home with a bunch of stuff he no longer--never--needed and which I do for the go-kart project.

First up: a lawn tractor front end, with tires. It's not wide enough for my project, but that's just a matter of cutting and welding; the important part is the spindles and kingpins. No tie rods, but you can make go kart tie rods from threaded rod and about $5 worth of other parts. Not an issue. Most important thing is, it's about $30-$50 less I have to pay for the equivalent parts, new.

Second, a steering wheel. It's a simple keyed wheel, which means milling a slot in some round stock (7/16" I think, but I'm not sure) rather than having to get someone to machine splines. This saved me perhaps $30-$50.

Third, all kinds of steel, tubing and angle iron. The frame is going to be the single most expensive part of the machine if I buy fresh steel from a supplier etc etc. Og had a lot of this stuff simply laying around in his shed and garage, and is going to let me have the shelves he's getting rid of that he made from scrap square tubing he salvaged from work lo these many years ago. We were looking at the shelves and he opined that one end of the shelves could probably be used as the basis for a frame without much modification, and I semi-ruefully told him that I'd had exactly the same thought.

Fourth, a handful of pillow block bearings. On-line they run $20 each. He can get them for less than half of that, and the four he gave me will let me mount a rear axle and have a spare set of bearings, even though one pair will probably be more than enough for the life of the go kart.

Besides all that, he also gave me the tubing bender he's wanted to foist on someone for a while. The bender is for conduit, 1.5" or 2" round, thin-wall, but it should be fine for mild steel tubing of the kind used to make light-duty roll cages. I won't be bending thick-wall DOM tubing with this thing, but I can make decent bends in tubing that would be strong enough for a sand rail or the equivalent.

I finally brought home the spare engine for the motorcycle. I need to find a good place to put it, but once the financial situation settles out a bit I want to get started on rebuilding this thing. Get me an engine that's 100% to spec and ready to rock and roll, pickle it. Then maybe over the winter I can pull the engine out of the bike, do some cleaning/restoration, and put the rebuilt one in. We'll see.

Finally, miscellanious bits and pieces, either things we thought I could use, or he was going to throw away that I salvaged because I recalled needing it for something. Like the three largish pieces of lexan: I remember that I wanted some lexan, but I can't remember what I wanted it for; when I do, now, no problem. A piece of 3/8" aluminum plate, about 6x6", etc, etc. A couple other spare parts for the motorcycle. Steel strap--good for welding practice--and a handful of metric cap screws, left over from when he converted the bike from philips pan-head screws to cap screws. Things like that.

In return, I helped him move some stuff around in preparation for the Great Garage Floor Project, and ran some diagnostics and stuff on his computer to ensure it was running in top form. (Finally I was able to do him a favor, for once!)

All told, a good afternoon.

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