atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4693: I really try not to hate people.

Problem is, they make it very difficult. *sigh*

Anyway, we have a theme for today's post!

* * *

This is blatantly illegal.

Short form: three cops reported wage-and-hour violations--people in their department were claiming more hours worked than they actually worked, I assume--and for this they were wrongfully terminated and illegally investigated.

So they hired a lawyer and sued. The lawyer requested documents from the police department, and the police department, in Denninger's words:
...apparently loaded three pieces of malware on the drive they gave him with the responsive documents -- a password logger, a program allowing them to load additional software on the attorney's machine in the future and two separate back doors to allow access to his computer from outside.
Was there a search warrant issued allowing the police to put these programs on the hard drive, or did they do it maliciously?

My mind flails at finding a reason a judge would okay a warrant allowing a police force to put investigational malware on a hard drive belonging to a lawyer who is pursuing a tort against the same police force. It's illegal in the absence of a warrant, and it means jail time for anyone else to do something like that.


More in "cops behaving badly" we have this lovely story. A Missouri cop tackled a guy and held him for 10.5 hours, eventually charging him with "police interference" when he refused to identify himself. When he and his lawyer requested a jury trial, the DA dropped the charges.

Here's the thing that continues to baffle me: if there is no crime being committed before the cop stops you, how is your refusal to answer questions--based entirely on the fifth amendment--"obstruction of justice", "resisting arrest", or "interfering with police business"?

* * *

So much for religious freedom. If you perform marriages in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, you must perform marriage ceremonies for homosexuals; otherwise you face fines and jail time.

Down in the comments there begins the "homogamy versus polygamy" argument. The thing is, the arguments for homogamy are equally valid when applied to polygamy, and I would like to point out here that polygamy has existed for a very long time across many cultures. Homogamy is rare--I cannot think of an example of a historic culture which practiced it as anything other than a curiosity or jape--but polygamy is commonplace, even among the cultures which led to modern western civilization.

* * *

There's tons more--Clintons' corruption, Freddy Grey's mistreatment by Baltimore police, Wisconsin Democrats using the police as a weapon against their political enemies, a gay man who hosted a Ted Cruz event is awash in the hatred of gays, and so on, and so on.

Days like today leave me wondering why God doesn't simply wipe us all out and start over with a species that makes sense. WTF.

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