atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4699: A very productive day today

Six hours of work followed by cutting the grass, even though I ran out of gas halfway through--the mower began chugging and coughing, and I realized I hadn't filled the tank, so.

Emptied the can into the tank, finished the lawn, and now it can rain for all I care. But I'll need to get more gasoline before I can cut the grass.

* * *

Manslaughter charges in the Freddy Gray case...and I can't say they're misplaced.

* * *

More UN bullshit. So a senior aid worker in the UN has been suspended because he exposed wrongdoing by UN peacekeepers. The wrongdoing? Child rape.

* * *

Tattoos interfere with functioning of Apple watch. Ahh, the sweet, sweet tears of hipsters. Shadenfreudelicious.

* * *

We're being social and laughing!

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