atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4700: I haven't even had breakfast yet!

...get up and see the nice temps on the weather site, so I open the doors--well, Critter sheds a lot, because he's a Maine coon and has long, fine fur, and when you get daylight on the carpet it's obvious that some sort of fur-emitting creature lives here.

Judging by the amount of fur alone, it should be a creature with a coat of fur approximately the size of a Ford Excursion, regardless of the actual size of the animal within the fur. We think it's some kind of wombat or perhaps a previously unknown species of platypus. We're just not sure.

Anyway, I grabbed the vacuum and ran it all over the house while I was waiting for my breakfast to warm up in the nukerator, and of course I then dumped enough fur from the vacuum to make a cat or something. We keep talking about replacing this odd creature with some normal kind of pet, but then it emits its hypnotic "myehh!" and we go all googly-eyed and forget what we were talking about.

At least I can now eat my breakfast.

Mrs. Fungus stopped at a gyro place on her way home yesterday and got these amazing gyros with feta cheese. They're huge; I ate all of mine but for a scrap of pita and needed no more food for the rest of the night. This morning I'm eating the remains of hers, because she said these gyros are too rich for her taste. Oh well!

* * *

Steven Den Beste is the very image of the wise and kindly wizard. This is what Gandalf should look like.

Well, minus the wire frames, though.

* * *

Now that I ate all that food, I feel like going back to bed....

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