atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#469: A souvenir I could have done without.

A nice bacterial upper respiratory infection.

My fiancee had tonsillitis so I know the source of the infection; but spending 30 hours on airplanes--especially 12 hours on a 747 without enough fluids--seems to have aggravated it.

I had to abandon the water I'd bought in the concourse at Manila before I could get onto the airplane, damn it, thanks to some rather unintelligent rules; and so I was sporadically treated to getting 8 oz of fluids here and there, whenever the cabin crew were serving. I'm lucky I didn't get a bladder infection.

Jet airplanes are pressurized--this is no secret. Most people don't know that the pressurized air comes from the jet engines; the first stage is a big axial compressor and it can spare enough compressed air to ensure the cabin is pressurized. The air is compressed, cooled, and piped into the cabin. (In some models of aircraft, like the 737 I rode to LAX from O'Hare, it means that you can sometimes smell a bit of kerosene on engine start.) Generally the plane is pressurized to the equivalent pressure of about 8,000 feet of altitude, and once the plane is up in the thin air, they don't even need to cool it all that much because the air temperatures up there start out somewhere well south of freezing.

What they do not do is humidify it. They can't; it would take a lot of water and a gallon of water weighs eight pounds; the payload capacity consumed by carrying humidifiers and water tankage would then not be available for carrying passengers and cargo. And humans can stand dry air, so why bother?

So: I had a cold, was stuck on airplanes for 30 hours, and was without easy access to fluids for 12 of those hours. Of course it would make things worse.

Still, it didn't get really bad until early this morning, when I started coughing up razor blades and got two degrees of fever. I got a prescription for some Amoxicillin and started taking it; and now I have tonsillitis and my throat feels like someone took a Brillo pad to it.

I almost feel human again. Almost. But I had to call off of work, I slept most of the day, I need to suck on Halls cough drops to keep my throat from hurting, and I know I don't have much stamina or endurance. *sigh* At least the infection is out of my chest, for the most part.

* * *

The latest release of the BitTrickle client I use--uTorrent--is pretty good. For one thing, it has full Vista support, which means uPnP works and it can tell the router how to map ports.

For another, it doesn't seem to kill the router as often. When I'm downloading torrents I periodically have to reset the router; something about uTorrent causes trouble for it and I lose all internet access until I go cycle the power on the router. But since I upgraded it, knock on wood, it's been okay.

And the last two episodes of Blue-Green Years, which have been in my queue since May 1, finally finished. After the upgrade. Coincidence?

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