atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4702: Interview scheduled!

Tomorrow morning, I get to go interview for a job! Hallelujah!

* * *

ISIS claims responsibility for shooting up an exhibition of images of the pedophile prophet.

Steven Den Beste talks a bit about it, mentioning that the shot terrorists were allowed to "cool" because no one could be sure that they weren't loaded with explosives, and thus a danger to whatever hospital attempted to patch them up.

Den Beste is an atheist, but he's one of the good ones, and he sums it up nicely:
Putting a crucifix into a bottle of urine? Art!

Drawing a cartoon of Mohammed? Hate Speech!


JWF calls the terrorists 'maggots' and they're not wrong.

* * *

A more cheerful matter: Like JayG I wave to just about anyone on a motorcycle-like conveyance.

* * *

Last night I took a page from Og's book when making dinner: I pan seared two pork chops (thick ones) and then put them into a casserole dish with a cheesy hashbrown potato mix. Baked for half an hour, the result was a fantastic dinner which left both me and Mrs. Fungus well fed.

Then we watched the first ep of the new season of Penny Dreadful, which was entertaining, and because of a cable box glitch we had to watch that before we caught the Game of Thrones rebroadcast at 10:30.

Right after that we hit the hay, because we both had to be up early today. The same will be true tomorrow and--hopefully!--from now on during the week. I'm really hoping to get this job because A) full time; B) health insurance; C) much more interesting than trying to sell tech support contracts; D) M-F 9-5. I have a pretty good feeling about this.

Today, though, I learned something interesting: the entire management staff of our store got to take a trip to Puerto Rico on the company's dime, because apparently the store did pretty well last year. The grunts got pellet points! I'm going to see about converting my pellet points into a gift card so I can buy something (maybe a keyboard or a couple Miyazaki movies or another hard drive for Floristica).

That's later this week. First I gotta nail that interview tomorrow. Wish me luck and send me prayers, whichever suits you best.

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