atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4712: Well, I've got the steel for the frame now.

Turned out Og got home early and had finished cutting his grass, so he cut up the shelves for me. All I had to do was go pick them up, and now they're out of his hair and in mine.

Looking over the side pieces, I do indeed think I can just use one of them for the basis of the frame--I just need to clean up some welds and do a little stitching on a couple of joints where it's only welded on one side, but once that's done it should be strong enough to handle a hoon or three.

Next step is to get the garage cleared out so I can set up a work area in which to build the thing. I've got a couple of side projects to get done that will take care of that, though, and then I'll be able to set the frame up on jack stands and start figuring out how to build what I need to build.

* * *

This evening I have made nachos like Ruben's does.

Their nachos supremas can be had with beef, chicken, or pork, and it's a wonderful appetizer for two. I love their nachos: crispy chips, refried beans, meat, and wads of gooey cheese--win. Sometimes I'm tempted to have just that for my meal.

For Cinco de Mayo Mrs. Fungus and I had tostadas, so I already had all the materials present; and since she's having a girls' night with her best friend S, I'm baching it tonight--why not get rid of some leftovers? So I got out the pizza pan, covered with a square of aluminum foil. Chips, refried beans, taco meat, and then grated the entirety of the leftover queso onto it. About 10-15 minutes under the broiler and voila, nachos supremas!

The meat is not exactly right, of course, but it's so damned close that it doesn't matter. This is good.

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