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#4713: Gaah, this one's dumb

I've been watching, here and there, R-15, and so far I've managed to get to ep 4. It is not very good.

One of the big signs that an anime series isn't going to be very good is when they introduce characters with text cards. "We have a lot of characters to introduce but we're not taking the time for characterization, and all you need to know is that most of them are cute girls with special talents!"

...with the result that I don't know--and don't need to know--any of their names, including that of the main character.

The first episode made it fairly obvious that this wasn't going to be very good, though, by attempting to cram the main character's expositional characterization into the first two minutes in a highly amateurish fashion.

Okay: the basic story is that the main character--whatever his name is--attends a school which is meant to nurture budding geniuses, whatever their talents may be. His best friend (who, so far, is the only other male in the series except for the school's principal...and he's also gay for the main character) is a mathematical genius. He is otherwise surrounded by genius girls like the shy clarinetist, the programmer, the inventor, the photographer, the singer, and so on. (As I said: you don't need to know their names.)

He himself is a genius at writing porno. He's already a published author with a legion of fans. Of course this makes him reviled by all the girls, because eww he must be a total pervert. This schtick gets tiresome fast because he's not--he's just an average adolescent boy with a talent for writing--but it has resulted in a few moderately funny jokes.

One thing that is always the case when you see an anime character who is supposed to be a musical genius: clarinet girl plays one song, ever. Just one; whenever they show her playing the clarinet, that is the song she is playing. As for difficulty, a kid her age in her second year of lessons could probably play that tune, and I'd be willing to give it a crack myself. (The first time I picked up a clarinet, I was able to play most of the This Old House theme on it. I do play the recorder, though, so it was just a bit of finagling.)

This kind of thing always happens, though. "Hey, so-and-so is a genius at the [instrument]! Listen to him play!" [same song he always plays] It's less than convincing.

I'm going to watch a few more episodes because there is the slightest germ of a thread of a decent story poking out from all the detritus, but I'm not very optimistic. I may end up dropping this one.

* * *

The problem is that the BD player can't cope with certain video formats, of course. I'd rather be watching Shining Hearts but it won't play. Ditto for about half of the other stuff on the external drive.

Well, that's how it goes, I guess.

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