atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4714: Working retail is turning me into a serious misanthrope.

Because like Greg House I am coming to think PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS.

Two cell phone ninnies today.

Ninny #1 claimed her battery was bad. I don't see how that can be when the phone doesn't charge or even turn on when plugged in. Okay, when your phone gets dropped and damaged badly enough that the screen is leaking glass particles, it's just possible that other parts of the phone may have been damaged. In the process of that interaction, I made 1.8 service orders and had to create the rapid exchange order three times because this person was a doofus. WTF.

Ninny #2 insisted that no one told him the deductible for his phone was $200. I didn't care what he was told; I can't process the exchange without that $200 fee, and if you want to trade in the phone, go right ahead and toddle yourself over to Mobile where they can handle that for you. Have a nice day.

Two cases of people bringing in televisions which worked just fine on the counter, probably because of failed HDMI cables. Did either of them bring the remote control with? NAW!

Guy with vintage 2008 Macbook Pro wants a 2 TB drive installed. I told him what it would cost ($330) and he decided that was too expensive. Well, then, have a nice day!

I don't know what he thinks will happen after he puts in the larger hard drive, anyway. The system is limited to 4 GB of RAM and adding HDD space will only increase what he can store; it won't make the computer any faster. And he had about 160 GB free out of a 320 GB hard drive.

Then there was the guy with the cracked laptop screen. I plug it into the monitor on the counter and then he starts giving this embarassed laugh. It wasn't until I looked at the screen myself that I understood; it was a very close-up image of a young woman's shaven crotch, the whole thing.

I changed the background to something generic without asking his permission, because WTF, dude! I'm not one to judge, and what he does with his computer is his own business, but when it's on my counter I'm not going to have something like that in plain view. NO.

And here I didn't think I'd ever see anything worse than the naked boobs picture one guy had as his login screen. I'm smarter than that, for fuck's sake; I should know better.

Meanwhile, opposite the entry doors someone set up a table with a placard saying "Gifts for Mom!" One of the suggestions? DVD or BD versions of Fifty Shades of Grey, because who doesn't want to give their mother softcore S&M pron for Mother's Day? "Here ya go, ma! I love ya! And here are the batteries ya wanted!" NO.

So I somehow manage to get out of work with my sanity intact, and go to Jewel to pick up a few things on my way home. Jewel is, of course, mobbed, and it's full of stupid people who don't know how to navigate or even stay out of the way while contemplating purchases.

Me, when I'm shopping and I need to think something over, I'll move to one side of the aisle and get as far out of the way as I can. Not these people! They park their carts in the middle of the aisle and stand between it and the shelf, gaping in mute wonder at the panoply of products like a cave man seeing a solar eclipse. Of course this leaves perhaps two feet of room for anyone else to pass by, and when you say, "Excuse me!" they act as if you've just asked them to lop off a limb.

...and I don't even need to begin talking about the idiots on the roads. Holy crap.

* * *

Last night Mrs. Fungus and I watched X-Men: Days of Future Passed because it has Peter "Tyrion Lannister" Dinklage in it. It was an enjoyable movie. Patrick Stewart is old.

Mrs. Fungus: "You never read X-Men? Then you don't know what's going on!"

Me: "Oh, come on. It's not like it's Proust or something; it's a comic book, for crying out loud. It's not that hard to follow."

It really is not. I know who the basic players are, and there's really not all that much to the background. I'm sure there are all kinds of little easter eggs that someone who'd made a life study out of the X-Men ouerve, but I don't care about that nonsense.

Truth be told, I never really cared for X-Men all that much, nor any superhero comics. I had friends who did, so I've had basic exposure to the canons for most of the major superheros and their nemises, but I never collected them and I never really gave a rip about the intricacies.

* * *

Comment from a video of an arab chasing a camel down the median of a highway:

Man: Come back, camel, come back! Just the tip, I promise!


(About 2:10.)

* * *

Apparently the water main on my street broke again. What is that, the sixth time? WTF!

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