atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4716: Your SJW outrage will fail against Japan.

Steven Den Beste has a post up about the latest SJW imbroglio. This time the ladies have their panties in a bunch over a game figure with pliable breasts.

I say "ladies" but I am talking about all SJWs here. Besdies, it doesn't matter what biological sex they are; they're all swooning flowers.

...fainting lilies who nonetheless expect everyone to snap to attention and obey their jackbooted thug orders about what is and is not "acceptable".

The thing is, the SJW crap only works in western culture, mainly western Europe and North America. Japan doesn't give a rat's ass about white guilt or any of the other happy horseshit foisted on us by marxist dickheads; they're going to go right on making the kind of products that make SJW heads all asplody.

The only thing the SJWs can possibly do here is to make it harder for Americans to get Japanese merchandise. Not "impossible" and not "illegal", and they sure as hell aren't going to shut down any business in Japan that makes or sells this kind of thing. (Go look up "garage kit" on Wikipedia.) The most they can possibly do is to make them more expensive in the US.

I don't buy figures all that often--the last one I bought was Fuuka, and that was when Mom was still alive--and when I do, they're not like the one under discussion. I certainly don't care if such figures are available for sale, but I'm not interested in them; I just think it's funny that the SJW outrage is pointless and utterly wasted effort.

* * *

Other than that nonsense--and it is nonsense--I haven't got anything to say about anything. I think I'm too tired, having had late nights and early mornings since Saturday. Well, today, I can sleep in, and I'm going to do that.

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