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#4718: The endgame of "inclusion"

Live by diversity, die by diversity.

Here's the thing: lesbians want to hold a "womyn's" music festival, which they've done every year since 1975, and they wanted to refuse entry to men who self-identify as women. They lost their court case, and now must allow entry to anyone who claims to be a woman. Rather than continue to hold the event, after this year they won't hold any more.

The writer says, "All the liberal rhetoric about 'diversity' and 'inclusion' fails here."

...except that it really doesn't. This is exactly the kind of thing that progressives have been doing for decades--suing for inclusion--and now that the supposed out groups are running out of venues to sue, they're starting to go after each other. Rather than being a failure of the proggy rhetoric, it's the logical conclusion of it.

If you start from the premise that transsexuals are the sex they self-identify as, you cannot then logically exclude them on the basis of their biological sex. Okay, a person who was born female but self-identifies as a man cannot--according to progs--be excluded from male-only venues such as bathrooms and locker rooms, and anyone who takes issue with that is a bigot and the one with the problem.

On the other hand, if you say that the biological sex of a person trumps his self-image, where does that leave you? A person born male who insists that he's female is then not allowed into the women's locker room at the health club.

The people behind the Michigan "Womyn's" Music Festival can't have it both ways. You cannot claim that inclusion trumps freedom of association, and then exclude men from your festival based solely on pesky biology when they feel like women.

Progressive thought holds that LGBT people are a protected class, and they therefore get special treatment. You, Christian baker, cannot refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, because your right to freedom of association is trumped by the LGBT couple's protected status.

But if LGBT people are a protected class then they are protected from all discrimination, including that of other LGBT groups. It cannot be otherwise. Looked at that way, the verdict in the court case was inevitable.

...if the Michigan "Womyn's" Music Festival were allowed to keep out transsexuals, would they then be labeled a "hate group" like the Boy Scouts?

* * *

Obama lied about getting Osama Bin Laden. Surprise coefficient: 0.00...0. The narrative fed to us by the Obama administration is full of lies, deliberate misstatements, and half-truths. What a fuckin' shock.

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