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#4720: I like an intelligently designed application process.

I like it when I can do an application for a position at a company and then, when I find another job at the same company that I'd like to apply for, it just uses the same information I previously entered. That's nice.

Sent an e-mail to #POTENTIAL_EMPLOYER on Wednesday afternoon and got the "we're not done interviewing yet, but we'll let you know" response. Argh etc.

...because of the interview last week I put off the job hunt work this week, which is a no-good way to do things. Anyway I just finished going through the backlog, and fired off more resumes. There's a lot of repetetion in the postings, so it's not like waiting an extra day to work on my job hunt is hurting anything, but it's still better to get these things done sooner rather than later.

Ideally I'd like for #POTENTIAL_EMPLOYER to offer me the job, because I liked what I saw when I was interviewing there.

Damn it, I'm smart and qualified! Hire me already! My abilities are wasted at you-know-where.

* * *

Wednesday's activities included a trip to Og's place. We're working on getting a trailer out of his yard, only the tires are dry rotted, and because there's no spare he's concerned (rightly) that a tire might blow and leave me stuck. It's going to come home with me, and then get converted into a flatbed trailer for hauling motorcycles/go karts/other stuff.

We did manage to get the trailer moved out of his way, so his big impending garage concrete project can go forward, but until the tires are dealt with it's going to stay where it is, sadly. Well, I have enough on my plate right now that a delay of a week or two won't matter much.

...though I have to admit that it did occur to me that once I'm working full time, I could take this trailer and make a rather nice enclosed trailer for not a lot more effort. I've seen some guys take little Harbor Freight trailers and make cozy little campers out of them; an enclosed trailer for hauling [whatever] would actually be easier than that.

* * *

So, one week ago today I had to turn on the AC, because it was too warm in the bunker. Can you believe that not three days later I had to turn the heat back on? And it's been on ever since--night time temps have been below forty, for crying out loud, and with all the cloudy weather we've been having solar insolation has been insufficient to keep this place above 65. This is nuts.

...all too soon, of course, we'll have to run the AC 24/7 to keep it at a livable temeprature in here. I can wait.

* * *

Working the afternoon shift today, and for a wonder I'm scheduled to be in back, learning the Advanced Repair Agent role! We'll see if I actually get to be in back, doing that, because in the nineteen months that I've worked there I have had exactly three days where I was getting the ARA training I was supposed to have gotten in my first two month. Argh etc.

On the plus side, maybe I'll get a call from you-know-who and it won't matter. That'd make my year.

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