atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4724: Failure identified.

So I left for work this afternoon, and as I was heading out I looked at the right front (formerly left rear) tire on the Jeep. That's the tire that loses air; the others are good about maintaining pressure but that one goes flat if I don't keep it filled. I found out that the valve stem core was loose on the thing (this was after I discovered a similar problem with the motorcycle's front tire) and had hoped that would fix it, but that only mitigated the problem, as today's check of the tire pressure revealed.


As I was crouching to check the tire pressure, I noticed something. It had rained earlier today, quite heavily, and the wheel was still wet around the valve stem. In the direct sunlight I could see something shimmering at the base of the thing...almost, I thought, as if there were a tiny, tiny air leak.


Fiddling with it stopped the bubbling, but only momentarily. So it seems that when this tire was put on, the valve stem sealed long enough to pass the leak test (assuming they did it) and then, poof.

This means I'm going to have to replace that valve stem, of course, and since it's been about eleven months since the tires were new I get to do it my own bad self. It's not rocket science, though, and I think a new valve stem costs about a buck fifty, so I ought to be able to handle this. And then hopefully the damned tire will hold pressure, because I'm getting mightily sick of having to fill it every week.

* * *

Looking at the weather report, apparently we were briefly subjected to vacuum this morning around 3 AM, when the barometric pressure dropped to 0.00 for a moment. The pressure then rapidly climbed back to 30.01 inches of mercury. Maybe that's what happened to the damned water main.

* * *

Can you remember when nurses had to have guts? I can remember that. It's not that way any more, of course. Now a nurse can be a wilting, fainting flower as long as she can sue enough people into letting her have enough chances to pass the tests.

If you have a problem with anxiety and stress that keeps you from being able to pass a test in a classroom, you do not belong in the medical field.

* * *

I really wish I had more of those wasabi-ginger potato chips....

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