atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4726: What I hate about mowing the grass

I hate it when the f-ing pusher decides it won't start just because I moved it over an obstacle for which I had to shut it off, thus necessitating going and finding a frickin' 1/4" nut driver to take off the stupid f-ing downspout pipe so I can cut behind the f-ing bushes in front. For what Mom paid for these f-ing Leaf-Guard gutters, the f-ing downspouts ought to have f-ing hinges on them so you can f-ing move them without f-ing tools.

Anyway, the grass is cut, and now I just have all the other stuff to do today that I had planned. Meanwhile the Jeep's out of gas and I have $2 in my checking account until I can get to the bank, so wherever I go it's going to have to be on the bike. The rain that was threatening to get here, which was previously by Peoria, petered out. There is still rain on the radar but it's north of here and getting north-er by the minute.


So now I'm all overheated and tired, and I don't feel like doing anything, but "miles to go before I sleep" and so on. Off I go!

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