atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4728: Woohoo! Presents!

Because I was so exhausted upon returning home from work Monday, I ended up hitting the hay in fairly short order. I was just done when I got home, having endured too-hot working conditions with about a billion people wanting/needing my immediate attention. Six hours at full speed, with tightly-scheduled bathroom breaks--not a lot of fun, that.

So I went to bed, and Mrs. Fungus joined me, and once I was able to roll onto my side I was out.

Got up and stuck my nose outside, then turned around and started opening windows. With the temp (at the time) below 60 and still dropping, I could shut off the AC and open the windows, and the indoor temp dropped fast.

Dinner, then The Grand Budapest Hotel (which Mrs. Fungus and I have been meaning to watch for ages). It was very entertaining, exactly as billed. And when the movie was over?

Birthday! As usual Mrs. Fungus couldn't wait for business hours, so she told me to go get my present from her trunk.

Heavy, about 30x38x4 inches, wrapped in festive paper. I shouldered it and brought it in, suspecting I knew what was inside. Read the card first--we have a rule that we must read each other's cards aloud--and then tore off the wrapping paper.

I was not disappointed. A new tool! And it's one I have to put together!

This woman knows and loves me very well.

With the addition of this to my arsenal, I now have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not getting acquainted with my welder. This has the advantage of placing the work piece at approximately lower chest level, of being fireproof, of being portable, and of having a conductive surface. No more welding on the garage floor, having to get on hands and knees to see WTF I'm doing! I can weld out in the driveway, away from anything flammable, standing up! Win!

Of course this is something I needed for the great go kart project, but first I'm going to use it to start making simple spot welds and other practice welds first, so I can get used to joining metal with high-current electricity. Then on to making stuff.

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