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#4733: I suggest stocking up on Preparation H.

Obamacare premiums are going to necessarily skyrocket again. We're talking increases of up to 50%, coming soon to an insurance premium near you!

...when we looked at the Illinois exchange for insurance, Mrs. Fungus and I were quoted a monthly price of about $800 for the both of us. That means that soon that premium will be $1,200 PER MONTH.

I need someone to explain to me exactly how any of this is "affordable", because I sure as hell don't get it.

Obamacare has been nothing but inflationary, and it's utterly crushing the middle class.

Hopefully this will catch on. Short form: a company looks at what a hospital bills Medicare and Medicaid for procedures and supplies, and then pays them that amount plus a modest profit. The article that Karl Denninger links to in his post gives an example of a company paying $28,000 to a hospital after being billed $600,000.

And it works, as Dennginer points out, because if a lawsuit is allowed to go forward, the discovery phase will demonstrate how much padding there is in medical bills--and there is a lot of padding in medical bills.

Minimum wage doesn't go very far, but then it's not supposed to. As stated in yesterday's post, minimum-wage jobs aren't meant to support a family of four; they're places where people start their careers.

Even so, because of immigration, both legal and illegal, wage growth is depressed. Higher supply of labor means the price of labor remains stagnant or falls.

And the government is part of the problem, not the solution. Any look at the existence of the ghetto must include an examination of the effects of government policy, particularly the unintended ones.

And if the GDP data isn't what the government wants it to be, why, they'll just adjust it until it is. After all, if the reality is wrong, they can just reshape it by pretending real hard, right?

* * *

The economy is an f-ing disaster. I don't know what else I can say about it that I haven't already said, and I'm getting weary of repeating myself. It'll be nice when we elect a Republican President and the media will start finally talking about the ongoing recession blah blah blah etcetera, because at least then people will understand that the economy sucks.


* * *

But for drug laws, opium would already cost about as much as coffee does. That is to say, because opium is heavily controlled, it is much more expensive than it would be if it were an uncontrolled agricultural product such as coffee, chocolate, or the like.

The idea of making opiates using yeast strongly resembles science fiction...and let someone get a pirate copy of that yeast and the days of opium being a controlled subtance are numbered.

* * *

Today was a pretty fair day--not easy but easier than they have been. Still, I got home and I was done.

Mrs. Fungus revived me by serving me some dinner while I started the pre-blog surf. Now I have other things to do. I live such a stimulating life.

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