atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#4735: 10 laps left, and left hanging.

I really must get it through my head that the DVR doesn't know what's on TV, but merely follows a pre-set schedule.

...came home from church this morning and just wanted to go back to bed, so I set the DVR to record the race and hit the hay for a few hours. Started watching it well after it had ended, and of course as it wound down towards the end of the race things started to get exciting. Ten laps to go, just saw some really exciting moves and close calls, and...up pops the dialog box asking if I wanted to keep or delete the recording now that I've finished watching it.


Saw on-line that Montoya won it. I don't have any favorite racers; usually I decide who to root for based on how the race shakes out. I was rooting for Montoya this year because of his fantastic run from 30th to first place, and he was clearly one of the best drivers of the race. I just didn't get to see him win it because of the aforementioned DVR thing.

In my defense, though, I really was falling-on-my-face tired. Next year I'll just have to do better.

* * *

Bluesun bought himself a 50" wind chime. I like the big ones. They cost too much IMHO but someday I'll get some copper tubing and start cutting and tuning and make one (and probably it'll cost more than buying one already made).

* * *

Turned out to be a rainy day today after all, so I'm not going to cut the grass. That's all right, considering how f-ing tired I am, but it does mean we'll probably need a herd of goats next time. Well, that's how it goes.

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