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#4737: Talked myself right into a job! my dreams.

Woke up from a dream that I was on an interview, and they were about to reject me: "Well, we don't really use computers that much here." In the dream, I got mad and told them off, pointing out all the computers they were using routinely, with a special mention of the vintage 1970 mainframe they were replacing with new hardware as evidence that they'd been using computers for a very long time. After that the HR woman decided to hire me immediately, but of course I got hung up trying to get through the window she'd gone through. Even so I made it to the induction room and lined up with the other guys to get my doll, only in the process of doing that I dropped one of my gloves and was riding the bike in traffic so I couldn't just stop and pick it up. Pulled off to the side and rearranged the handlebar bag full of Enfields (rifles) so I would have enough hands free, then switched off the ignition and turned to go get it, but--

Woke up.

Actually there was a lot more to it, involving an ex-boss of mine, and trying to scan images from large-format negatives, and walking up stairs with bizarre bike traps, and a host of other nonsense. Same meds I always take, so I have no idea WTF that shit was about.

In the real world, of course, getting angry and yelling at a roomful of prospective coworkers is not the path to career success.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus put on Wayward Pines last night and I gave up on it about a third of a way through the second episode. I saw nothing in the story that had not been done better by The Prisoner, which at least had the advantage of being avant garde TV at the time it was made. ...and which also didn't contradict itself the way this show does. In The Prisoner they didn't tell Patrick McGoohan that they'd kill him if he tried to escape, for example, but merely thwarted his escape attempts. They wanted him alive.

Contrast that with WP. One example of contradiction: guy meets waitress at bar. Goes back the next day, the guy who owns the place claims she doesn't work there. Goes back again later, she's there, and the guy who owns the bar is bringing in supplies and they greet each other. WTF.

WP is a 10-ep mini series, and the glacial pace of the story in the first two eps was also a turn-off for me. Okay, he's trapped in a weird town, we get it, so let's move on, here.

* * *

Not autistic, just hyperintelligent. Try an IQ of 170; high IQ is not a feature of autism spectrum disorder. The kid's mother was assured by experts that he would never be able to read, yet somehow at age 11 this kid was in college, and I'm pretty sure you have to be able to read to attend college and study condensed matter physics.

Gadzooks, never ever blindly believe what "experts" tell you. They don't know everything. It's especially important to stop believing them whey they make the appeal to authority ("I'm the expert on this, so you have to do what I say!").

Well, the kid's mother did it right: she tried what the experts said, saw that it wasn't working, and tried something else that worked brilliantly. The kid's much better off for it, too. That's the important part.

* * *

From today's weather report:
Pressure 29.85 in
Visibility 10.0 miles
Clouds [omitted, not important]
Heat Index 75 °F
Dew Point 66 °F
Humidity 75%
Rainfall -999.00 in
Snow Depth Not available.
UV 3 out of 12
Pollen 7.20 out of 12
Air Quality Not available.
Flu Activity Sporadic
So we're enduring an epic drought, I guess, since we've had negative 83 FEET of rain. Hey, at least it's not snowing in late May! And since when is flu a meteorological condition?


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