atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#473: Sitcom

I have this great idea for a new sitcom. Network executives, pay attention!

The show will deal with the wacky hijinks which ensue when an utter moron is given control of an African nation.

Each episode will follow the same basic formula. The show's main character, Robert Bobby, will screw something up. He will try various ways of fixing his error, only to make things worse. In the end, his wisecracking wife or kids fix the problem for him.

I know it sounds lame. But do you remember Three's Company? Basic premise of show: a man pretends to be gay in order to be able to share an apartment with two women. Basic formula of show: one person overhears part of a conversation and misunderstands. The rest of the show deals with the ensuing wacky hijinks.

(I find it infinitely depressing that the show actually has a fan club. Ye Gods.)

The Fox network did a sitcom called South Central set in South Central LA, the site of the "Rodney King" riots.

What the hell. I'm sure Robert Mugabe's wacky hijinks in Zimbabwe could make decent sitcom fodder.

Some ABC executive said that "the comedy is broken"--he's just not seeing the right scripts!

* * *

Seriously, way to go, "Bobby". Your currency is hyper-inflated anyway, so why not make it even more worthless?

Of course, "western sanctions" ruined the economy of Zimbabwe. It has nothing to do with the inept and foolish mis-management of the country by Robert Mugabe.

It would be funny if it weren't such a freaking tragedy.

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