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#4744: It's one of those days again

Had to run the AC on Friday. It cooled off and rained on Saturday, so the house was closed up but comfortable the entire day. When I got up this morning to get ready for church it was 64° in the bunker, and I had to turn the f-ing heat on again because Mrs. Fungus and I were both freezing.

By the time it's June, I shouldn't have to run the heater any longer. That damned global warming!

* * *

A customer complaint letter from ancient Babylon. Cuneiform was used for three thousand years. Though it had perished after being replaced by the Phoenician alphabet, archaeologists deciphered it in the 19th century, and we can now read these things.

And frequently we see that no matter what era you look at, people are still people. The people of today are the same as the people of Ur in 1750 B.C., with all their warts. That bears thinking about.

* * *

You WILL send your children to indoctrination or be punished, prole. Oh, wait, did I say that out loud? used to be that if your kid didn't go to school the required number of days, the kid faced the possibility of being held back a grade. How much simpler it is to arrest the parents!


* * *

John F-in' Kerry broke his leg. For that they got a helicopter to take him to the hospital. If you or I break our leg, it's an ambulance ride, but of course he is important, so....

And he's got to ride back to the US in a specially equipped plane so that he doesn't have to endure any discomfort.

I don't understand why the Secretary of State of the United States of America is out riding a bicycle in a foreign country when he's there for diplomatic reasons. Hey, if he's on vacation, he can do what he wants, but this is a business trip. The American taxpayer is not paying John F-in' Kerry to go bike riding in the Alps. If he needs to exercise to relax after a tense negotiating session (where everyone's on a first-name basis and all attended the same schools and are all more or less politically aligned) he could get just as much exercise on a stationary bike, without the risk of falling over and breaking his leg...or being assassinated or beaten up or torched. If he's inside a secured facility he doesn't need an "entourage" while he goes bike riding--which saves the US a lot of money.

If he doesn't like that, if he can't handle the fact that his position requires some sacrifice on his part, then he can let someone else have the job.

This is the second time this year that a prominent Democrat has received a severe physical injury after an exercise mishap, and I think maybe they can't handle physical activity as much as they think.

Frankly, though: John F-in' Kerry is such a slug I'm surprised he had any bones to fracture. Well, you learn something new every day.

* * *

Looking at the weather forecast, it appears that the heat will have to remain on for a day or two. *sigh*

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