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#4752: tired

Up too late last night trying to find a critical piece of paperwork. To make things even more entertaining I came across some of my mother's living will paperwork, and the last thing on it was a message to her children: "I love you all so much", just like that, and I bawled like a baby for fifteen minutes after seeing it.


I didn't find what I was looking for, of course. I did manage to extract the old stereo speakers from the pile downstairs, so my next step is to get the system set up in the living room and photographed for prospective buyers. I want to make a bigger dent in that shit ASAP, but of course it has to be done around my work schedule, and because I didn't get to sleep until about 3 AM even with Xanax I am fain to embalmed right now, so I probably won't get much more done today. Argh etc.

* * *

I saw this on Arse Technica, the Global Warming Resource the other day, and didn't even bother to read the article because I knew what it was going to say. Ace read the story, though, and has confirmed my suspicions.

Here's the headline for the Arse Technica article:
Updated NOAA temperature record shows little global warming slowdown

More data and improved adjustments slightly increase the recent warming trend.
...with emphasis on improved adjustments, and I'd wager the article is completely uncritical of the adjustering and fiddlation of the data. Of course there's "little global warming slowdown" if you adjust the data so that it doesn't exist.

Using that kind of statistical fiddling, I could easily prove that I'm a millionare. All I have to do is to adjust my income data!

* * *

Last night I had to close the house up, because it was f-ing hot in here, and because Mrs. Fungus saw a "scorpion". (DO NOT click on that link if you are faint of heart and/or can't stand the sight of bugs.) I labeled the creature a silverfish, but in fact it's a house centipede.

Whatever the hell it is, it's a f-ing nasty looking bug, and I don't blame Mrs. Fungus one bit for screaming bloody murder at the sight of the damned thing. But they can't bite humans, they're only dangerous to other bugs, and I--armed with a shoe--splattered that motherfucker into the hereafter with alacrity. The funny thing about them is, they pop like balloons, leaving much less residue than you'd expect from such a big fancy bug--which is just as well, really, considering how squicked I already am by the time I've identified and dispatched the thing. They're hideous.

She told me to close the windows, though, so that our neighbors wouldn't think I was killing her. Her words.

* * *

The rest of my schedule this week features closing shifts, so at least I don't have to get up at 8:30 AM after getting home from work at--

You know, that's another thing. On my way home last night #MAJOR_HIGHWAY was a parking lot, so I broke with my usual convention and turned around at the "Authorized Vehicles Only" sign and took an alternate way home. Unfortunately for me I missed the turn I wanted, and what's normally about a 20-minute commute took more than twice that. Argh etc.

Turned out they were running some wire across the highway, because when my alternate alternate route took me across the highway again I saw all kinds of equipment with yellow strobes, and this morning I saw a brand new orange wire stretched between two poles.


The other thing going on: it looks as if there's either a new pipeline going through, they're replacing an existing one, or adding capacity. Kind of interesting to see that in action. At the same time, what used to be the EJ&E is adding another track to their east-west right of way.

Even in a depression, things get built.

* * *

The most blissful thing about being home is that it's quiet. I'm going to go lay down now.

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